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Which Expedition Operator Should I Sail With?

At Fred.\ we offer polar cruises from many different operators, all of which have their own way of getting you to some of the most extreme landscapes on Earth. However, with so many wonderful options, how are you to choose which operator is best for you? Don’t fret though as this blog post is aimed at helping you make this all-important decision.

Let’s take a look at the cruise lines in a bit more detail.

Quark and Poseidon

Best For:

Taking You To The North Pole

North Pole

Whilst all the cruise lines we work with can take you to a variety of fascinating destinations, only these two can take you all the way to the North Pole. With the help of nuclear icebreaker ‘50 Years of Victory’, which has recently been secured until at least 2018, you can make mincemeat of any ice packs standing between you and 90 degrees north and achieve one of the most iconic feats in polar travel.

Quark has been travelling to the top of the world since 1991 when the company’s two founders visited this magical place for the first time. Poseidon has taken explorers along this route since 1999 and so both of these operators are perfect if you want to benefit from a wealth of experience in polar cruising.


Best For:

Travelling In The Lap Of Luxury

Silversea Dining

Those of you already familiar with Silversea’s brand of ocean cruising will be well aware that they don’t do things by halves. This is a luxury line in every sense of the word and so if you want to embark on an adventure but have no desire to rough it, a Silversea expedition will be perfect.

The well-equipped Silver Explorer can take you to both the Arctic and Antarctic and you are sure to be looked after every step of the way. Personal butlers, complimentary champagne, fully-stocked minibars and a guest to crew ratio of almost 1:1 are just a few of the ways Silversea creates opulence and comfort in abundance.


Best For:

Capturing Those Awesome Memories


Whilst many of the operators that we work with can provide excellent photography workshops during your time on board, Lindblad Expeditions are possibly in the best position to do this. Their partnership with National Geographic means that there is always a professional film-maker or photographer on hand to help you create some excellent images by which to remember your trip.

If you are really lucky, the Nat Geo team may even be filming a documentary during your expedition and so you will be able to witness this first hand. Famous faces and scientists carrying out important polar research may also grace your ship.


Best For:

Exploring Norway

Norwegian Fishing Village

Norway is one of the most naturally beautiful and inspiring countries in the world. And who better to allow you to explore it in more detail than a company which helped to pioneer the first trade routes along its shoreline?

Travellers opting for a Hurtigruten expedition can choose from a wide range of trips to Norwegian highlights such as the Lofoten Islands, Tromso and Trollfjord, as well as embarking on the historic trip that Captain Richard With had a hand in creating all those years ago.


Best For:

Polar Activities


All the cruise lines on our site provide a host of exciting activities for you to take part in during your polar adventure, but Oceanwide Expeditions perhaps offer the biggest variety. From Ski-trekking to helicopter tours, you can take your adventure to the next level and get involved as much as you can.

In particular, the ‘Base Camp’ expeditions that Oceanwide offers focus almost entirely on the activities available. You will be taken straight to Antarctica, where your ship will dock for the remainder of your cruise, and given the opportunity to explore the land, air and sea around the Great White Continent.

G Adventures

Best For:

A Responsible, Immersive and Guaranteed Trip

Ms Expedition

We make a point of only working with operators that proactively ensure they are looking out for the environment, but G Adventures are one of the best at this. One of their mantras is ‘do the right thing, all the time, every time’. They regularly arrange community initiatives to help preserve the regions that they travel to whilst also looking after the people that live there as well. Because of this, expeditions with G Adventures provide an immersive experience within these environments.

Along with this, it is absolutely guaranteed that your trip will go ahead once you have made your booking; regardless of how many other people sign up. And, if you have to pull out for whatever reason, your deposit can easily be transferred to another trip at a later date.

Now that you know which expedition operator is best for the type of trip you are looking to take, it’s time to make the next step. Call one of our friendly travel specialists today or complete your enquiry online.