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The ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Experiences That Our Polar Expeditions Can Offer

Whale jumping out of the water

The term ‘once in a lifetime’ is bandied around a lot in the travel industry, but just how much of what we see advertised really does offer the kind of experience that you may only get to do once and that will truly make you say “wow”?

Climbing the Eiffel Tower, seeing the Terracotta Warriors and swimming with dolphins are all fantastic experiences in their own right (and things that are likely to have made their way onto many people’s list of travel goals), but are they really special enough to be classified as ‘once in a lifetime’ activities?

With this in mind, here are a few things which we feel truly warrant the use of this clichéd phrase.

Being On Top Of The World -

North Pole

There are not many people that can say they have been to the North Pole, and there are fewer still who have travelled there for anything other than research purposes. However, with the North Pole icebreaker cruises which are offered by Quark and Poseidon, you could soon add your name to this remarkable list.

The feeling of stepping off the ship and onto one of the most untouched landscapes on our planet cannot be recreated and there will be plenty of other exciting experiences along the way, too. See the frozen terrain from the skies in a helicopter trip, brave the icy depths by taking the polar plunge, or float above the pristine snow in a hot air balloon.

A word of warning though; 50 Years of Victory (the icebreaker used to take travellers to ninety degrees north) will be embarking on her last ever season in 2015 and places on her final voyages are filling up fast.

Seeing Polar Bears In The Wild –

Polar Bear

There are very few places in the world where you can see polar bears living in their natural habitat and, if numbers continue to decrease, there could soon be even fewer. These majestic beasts can be found in places such as Spitsbergen and the Canadian Arctic, and with specialist wildlife experts on board you will have the best chance of seeing them with your own eyes.

Recent tragedies highlighted by the media have taught us that there is a need to implement stringent safety measures and to respect these powerful creatures, but no one can deny that witnessing them in the wilds of the Artic is an experience that you will always remember.

Learning To Take Pictures Like A Professional –

Photographing a whale

When taking trips like the expedition cruises that we offer, there is an unsurprising focus (pardon the pun) on ensuring you capture the very best pictures to take home with you. And you may think that learning to do this can be done anywhere and that therefore this negates it being a ‘once in a lifetime experience’, but when the people teaching you work for National Geographic it soon becomes clear why these photography workshops can be labelled as such.

On many Lindblad expeditions there are Nat Geo filmmakers and photographers on board that may well be producing media that will later be shown on TV whilst you are there with them. The chance to learn from the best should not be missed and will make your experience that extra bit special.

Meeting Indigenous Communities –

Inuit Boy

The indigenous people who call certain areas of the Arctic that we visit home are an important part of any trip. Not only will you be able to learn so much about their history and culture just by interacting with them, but meeting them will also be a truly humbling experience. From the Kalaallisut that inhabit the west of Greenland to the Inuit people of Canada, you will get a glimpse into how life is for them today and how it used to be within an ever-changing world.

With indigenous people like these making up large percentages of the countries you will visit, it is important that we take into account their heritage and use their experiences to educate ourselves.

The activities mentioned here are just a few of the rare experiences that you may get to take part in on your polar adventure. There are so many awe-inspiring feats waiting around every corner and Fred.\ can help set you on a journey to discover them. To embark on your own expedition you can call us on the number at the top of the page or make an online enquiry to learn more about the fantastic opportunities that we have available.