Rembrandt van Rijn

Rembrandt van Rijn is the second of two schooner vessels in the Oceanwide fleet and is slightly bigger than Noorderlicht. Originally built to be a herring lugger in the early part of the 20th century, the ship spent time in the Galapagos and Spitsbergen before being completely re-designed and refitted with the latest navigation technology. Nowadays Rembrandt van Rijn can usually be found sailing through the Greenland fjords; putting the fact that she is perfect for small island exploration to good use.

The ship’s moniker is the full name of the Dutch painter who is more commonly remembered as simply Rembrandt. Living up to her name, she really is an artist of the seas and this three-masted schooner can make discovering the undiscovered a common occurrence when sailing with Oceanwide.


There are three different types of accommodation to choose from on-board the Rembrandt. These are triple private porthole, twin private inside and twin private porthole. All cabins have upper and lower berths, a private shower and toilet and ample storage space, whilst the porthole cabins obviously have the addition of a porthole.

Public Areas

The public areas aboard the Rembrandt include a restaurant/lecture room, a bar/ reading room and a generous deck to spot the local wildlife from.


Passengers: 33 in 16 cabins
Staff & crew: 12
Length: 56 meters 168 ft)
Breadth:7 meters 22,9 ft)
Draft: 2.5 meters (8 ft)
Ice class: - (The bow of the vessel is enforced and is therefore suitable to sail in the Greenlandic waters.)
Displacement: 451 Ts
Propulsion: 2 cummins engines together 550 KW
Speed: 9 knots maximum

Rembrandt van Rijn Expeditions