Whilst Ortelius and Plancius are perfectly suited for expeditions into the polar regions, S/V Noorderlicht is a schooner vessel specifically adept at navigating its way between small islands such as Spitsbergen and through shallow waters. Originally built with three masts, this small vessel was re-rigged in 1994 and now sails as a well-balanced two-masted ship.

The word ‘Noorderlicht’ is Dutch for northern light and so it goes without saying that this ship has given more than a few people a great view of the Aurora Borealis; there are even trips aboard her that are dedicated to catching sight of this natural phenomenon. She is usually found navigating her way through the Svalbard archipelago and has no problem traversing waters that are filled with ice. Two inflatable Zodiacs are also brought along for the journey, meaning that even the most remote areas can be explored in the search for amazing wildlife and beautiful panoramic views.


The only accommodation on-board S/V Noorderlicht is in the form of twin cabins. These have two beds, one above the other, and access to the following facilities: shared shower & toilet (4 showers and 5 toilets which are conveniently located), wash basin, storage space and frosted glass in the cabin ceilings, which provides some daylight into the cabins.

Public Areas

The public areas on-board Noorderlicht include a restaurant/lecture room, bar/reading area and plenty of deck space to stage your search for the region's wildlife.


Passengers: 20 in 10 cabins
Staff & crew: 5
Length: 46 meters (153 feet)
Breadth: 6.5 meters (22 feet)
Draft: 3.2 meters (11 feet)
Ice class: - (Strengthened bow)
Displacement: 300 tonnes
Propulsion: 360 hp diesel
Speed: 7 knots maximum

Noorderlicht Expeditions