The icebreaker Ortelius is named after a Dutch Flemish cartographer who published the world’s first ever atlas in the sixteenth century. Abraham Ortelius created ‘Theatre of the World’ in 1570 and this first modern map of the entire world was thought to be the most expensive book at the time and was formed by the use of carefully engraved copper printing plates.

Built in Poland in 1989 and originally known by the name of Marina Svetaeva, the vessel was renamed upon acquisition by Oceanwide. It has been given the highest possible ice-class of an equivalent to 1A and is therefore fully capable of tackling large fields of pack-ice and sea ice found in the Polar Regions. With only a hundred and sixteen passengers on board, there will be plenty of chances for everyone to see all that is on offer and with a fleet of Zodiacs poised for exploration, there is the ability to go further than even this great ship can take you.


All cabins have a private shower & toilet, desk & chair, hair dryer and ample storage space. Whilst people staying in a Twin Deluxe grade suite also have the use of a flat screen TV and those choosing a superior suite will have a fridge as well as the TV and all the above facilities.

Public Areas

The public areas on the Ortelius include a restaurant, bar/lounge area, a lecture room and spacious decks that are perfect for spotting the local wildlife.


Passengers: 116 in 53 cabins
Staff & crew: 47
Length: 91.25 meters
Breadth: 17.61 meters
Draft: 5.8 meters
Ice class: UL1 (Equivalent to 1A)
Displacement: 4575 tonnes
Propulsion: 6 ZL 40/48 SULZER
Speed: 14.3 knots maximum

Ortelius Expeditions