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You’ll Love An Expedition Cruise If…

It would be easy to say that all travellers will love an expedition cruise, but it wouldn’t be true. However, whilst these polar adventures are not for everyone, there are quite a few people who will absolutely relish this style of cruise, enjoying some once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the process.

So who will these itineraries appeal to most? Well, you’ll love an expedition cruise if…

You’re A Photography Buff


If you are heavily into your photography then the Polar Regions are a playground. There is so much to capture; you will never tire of waking up to a different landscape every day and experimenting with the various angles you can shoot it from. The type of light that can be found at both ends of the Earth is also said to make photographing your surroundings all the more exciting. If you’re looking for some great tips, check out this previous blog post.

You Appreciate Nature

Whale Breaching

Even in these harsh environments, nature flourishes and really puts on a show. Wherever you choose to travel, you can almost guarantee wildlife sightings of all kinds, which will be eagerly announced to you over the ship’s PA system, regardless of what time of the day it is. It’s not just the polar bears and penguins that will make a nature-lover’s face light up, though. Spectacular events such as the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun will make your holiday all the more magical, whilst giant icebergs and thundering waterfalls will leave you breathless.

You’re Tired Of Cruising The Same Regions

Sea Spirit

If you are a serial cruiser, having sailed to every port from Abu Dhabi to Zagreb, perhaps you are looking for something different. The popular Mediterranean and Caribbean regions are great, but there are only so many times you can follow the same routes. So, the answer to the question “where do you go when you’ve been everywhere in the cruising world?” is quite clearly “the Polar Regions”.

You Have A Thirst For Adventure

Antarctica Camping

Those with an unquenchable thirst for adventure will relish the challenges that expedition cruises pose. Every day will offer a different experience, many of which cannot be replicated in any other part of the world. You may be kayaking through an intricate fjord system in Greenland, camping overnight in the icy wilderness of Antarctica or even taking the polar plunge at the North Pole.

You Don’t Mind Going Without Home Comforts

MS Expedition Mud Room

It’s fair to say that the ships sailing on Arctic and Antarctic cruises possess few of the luxuries that traditional cruise ships do. Entertainment facilities are at a minimum, there are no giant swimming pool complexes and sleeping arrangements may be a bit basic. However, whilst some ships do feature spas and five-star dining, the things listed above are largely superfluous in this part of the world. Apart from travelling from place to place, much of your time will be spent exploring off the ship and the cruise lines would rather make room for mud rooms, Zodiac launch platforms and other things that are more useful in the polar regions.

If you fall into any of the groups above and you can’t wait to embark on a polar cruise, contact us today and we will help you find your perfect adventure.

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