You Don’t Have To Go To Extremes To Enjoy A Polar Cruise

An expedition cruise doesn’t have to be one that takes you all the way to the North Pole or Antarctica. Although these are both once-in-a-lifetime adventures in their own right, some travellers may not want to go quite as far as the edges of the Earth. There are many other fascinating destinations to explore within the Arctic and Antarctic regions which may be more appealing to you. In fact, as shown by Lindblad’s announcement regarding their return to the South Pacific, our cruises don’t even have to take you into polar waters.

Here are some fantastic locations, away from the furthest reaches of the planet, which you might want to consider.



Home to one of the ‘hottest’ city break destinations in recent years, Reykjavik, Iceland is appearing on more and more people’s travel list. An expedition cruise will allow you to see more than just the area around the capital, including the rugged north and the glacier-governed south. For a relatively small island, there is so much natural beauty to see. From the waterfalls and volcanoes on land to the wildlife in the oceans, you can experience it all on our in-depth Iceland itineraries.

The Falklands

Penguins On Carcass Island

Most people will have certain thoughts pop into their heads when they hear the Falklands being mentioned, but these wind-swept isles are much more than a setting for conflict. If you are interested in the military history, though, there are various museums, memorials and battlefields to be seen. This includes a mast from the SS Great Britain, which was once shipwrecked off the coast. The small community living in Stanley are proud to be British and enjoy showing visitors the different aspects of their remote lives. As well as plenty of sheep, the Falklands are home to fantastic bird life that includes soaring albatrosses and thousands of penguins that return every year to breed.


Glacier Calving

Proving that you don’t need to go all the way to the North Pole to enjoy the Arctic region, we have many different Alaska expedition cruises available. Being part of a small group will mean you have more opportunity to head ashore and learn about the history of this American state and meet some of the native people. Alaska is famous for amazing wildlife and breathtaking landscapes and so it’s no surprise that you will see these in abundance. From Glacier Bay to Gwaii Haanas National Park, you’ll see eagles overhead, bears prowling the land and whales breeching the water’s surface.


Whale In Disko Bay

Speaking of whales, Greenland is possibly the best place in the Arctic region to see them. There are 15 different species frequenting these waters, either all year round or during certain periods, many of which can be found in Disko Bay. That’s not the only reason to discover the largest island in the world, though. The bay is also where you will find giant icebergs drifting eerily and many coastal inlets just begging to be explored. One of the best ways to do this is in a kayak which, as the locals will happily explain, was actually invented in Greenland.


Blue-Footed Boobies

Not all of our expedition cruises take place in cold climates, as shown by the array of Galapagos itineraries available. This legendary group of islands is situated off the coast of Ecuador and will take you back to the faithful moment when Charles Darwin established his Theory of Evolution. The wildlife here is unlike anywhere else on the planet. Amongst the moon-like landscapes, you’ll see blue-footed boobies, red-throated frigate birds and fish in a myriad of colours beneath the ocean’s surface. There are also giant tortoises, the only species of iguana to live at sea and the only penguins found above the equator.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of the destinations we can offer away from the polar extremes. More immersive and exclusive than a standard cruise, our expedition voyages are the perfect way to explore these alluring places. Call free on 0808 274 3036 to speak to one of our specialists.


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