Why Solo Expeditions Are Extremely Rewarding

If you have a desire to explore the far reaches of our planet then you should never let the fact that you don’t have a travel companion hold you back. Many people choose to embark on our expedition cruises on their own, but they very rarely leave the vessel in the same way.

It’s all well and good having a partner or family member who shares the same thirst for adventure that you do, but if this isn’t the case then going it alone can be just as rewarding. Here are some great reasons why our solo expeditions are an excellent way to see the world.

You’re Not Alone For Long

Expedition Socialising

If you choose to travel on one of Fred.\’s solo expeditions then you will cease to be alone the moment you step foot on the ship. These small expedition vessels make getting to know your fellow adventurers very easy and the resulting atmosphere is one in which everybody can feel comfortable. With small groups, there will be plenty of opportunities to make new friends, but there is also enough space to find a quiet corner should you ever want a moment to yourself.

There are likely to be other single travellers on board who are quite literally in the same boat as you but, regardless of whether people are sailing alone or not, there is a clear sense of unity throughout the whole ship.

Single Supplements Are A Thing Of The Past

Expedition Cabin

Single cabins are only now being introduced in great numbers to standard oceangoing vessels, but on these expedition cruises, there is a different solution to the problem posed by possible supplemental charges. Instead of solo travellers incurring twice the usual fee because they are on their own, many of the cruise operators that we work with offer a sharing program.

Anyone volunteering to enter into this scheme will be paired with someone of the same sex and roughly the same age and asked to share a cabin. Not only does this mean that you will just pay for yourself, you will also have an expedition companion from the off. Furthermore, if you do opt to join the sharing program and a suitable person cannot be found for you to share with, you will receive a cabin to yourself at no extra cost.

Some of the expedition operators also have limited time offers whereby they remove the single supplement for anyone travelling alone, regardless of whether they elect to join the sharing scheme or not.

Have It All Your Way

Ski Trekking

Travelling solo means that you can truly tailor your expedition experience to your own personal interests. When you travel with a companion, regardless of how well you get on, there is always a need to compromise and make sure both of you want to do something before you do it. However, during your solo expedition you can devise your own itinerary, choose whichever shore excursions and expedition activities you would like to take part in, and see the world through your eyes only.

When you want to share your experiences with someone else or you need a bit of companionship, it’s there in the form of your fellow passengers. But whenever the urge takes you, you can wander off on your own to enjoy that magical moment of looking out into the wilderness.

Discover A New You

Solo Expeditions

If it is true that travel broadens the mind, then travelling alone helps self-development even further. You can improve your confidence by approaching people you are unfamiliar with, whilst the fact that you are chasing your dreams without anyone by your side will help you realise that you can do anything you want to.

There will also be plenty of time for self-reflection. As you gaze out at the passing scenery, watch a playful penguin colony on the ice, or conquer one of the many volcanic peaks found in the Polar Regions; there is a unique opportunity to discover a new you.

There are so many great solo expeditions available when you travel with Fred.\. Call today to ask our friendly team about the details.

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