Why Small Ships Are Perfect For Expedition Cruises

Lindblad Expeditions has recently announced that two brand new expedition ships will be joining their fleet in 2017 and 2018 respectively. The vessels will be complete with state-of-the-art technology and equipment for research and exploration in the Polar Regions and will have the capacity to carry just 100 guests at any one time.

The design of the ships will be perfect for wildlife spotting on deck, with a range of features that make getting outside at the drop of a hat so much easier. There will also be plenty of room for Zodiacs, kayaks and other craft to aid in exciting adventures in hard to reach places.

But what is it about a small ship that makes it so good for expedition cruising?

More Space On Deck



You may think that a bigger ship will offer more space to move around on deck, but the opposite is nearly always true. On a ship with a smaller capacity, there will be fewer people fighting for deck space and more room for you to move around comfortably. Deck space is an important consideration during Antarctic and Arctic cruises as there are likely to be calls over the PA system about spontaneous wildlife activity and you don’t want to be fighting with other guests to get a good view.

Making Remote Places Accessible



Many ships, large or small, can take you to the Polar Regions, but it is only the latter that can reach the more remote destinations. Small ships don’t have to anchor out at sea and ferry people to land in Zodiacs. Instead, they can sail right into the hard to reach locations, meaning you get to spend more time exploring these fascinating landscapes and less time travelling to and from the ship.

Providing A Better Experience In Antarctica



It’s a little-known fact that only 100 people can land on Antarctica at any one time. For ships with this capacity or lower it is not a problem, but if you find yourself aboard a vessel which carries more than this number, your experience may be somewhat diluted. If you are one of just 100 people visiting on that occasion you will be able to stay on the icy seventh continent for the entire time. However, if there are more travellers than this limit, the cruise line has to rotate its guests, meaning you have less chance to explore and take in the sights. IAATO (the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators) also permits smaller ships to land in some of the less explored areas.

Creates A Sense Of Camaraderie



When sailing on a small ship, you will feel much more like you are part of a group, rather than on your own or just with the people you are travelling with. On these vessels, guests will all eat at the same time, attend informative lectures together and make shore landings as one big group. This means that you will soon get to know the other passengers and you’ll have more people with which to share your once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

If you would like to venture to the farthest reaches of our planet on a polar cruise, we have many different itineraries available aboard small ships. Call our helpful team today for more information.

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