Welcome To The World Of Expedition Travel

Fred.\ has previously brought you remarkable river cruises, outstanding ocean cruises, sensational city breaks and relaxing retreats in the Canary Islands, but now we are braving fresh frontiers.

Travel often makes the world feel smaller, but there are a few regions that even the seasoned holidaymaker is unlikely to have explored. Regions that are home to uninhabitable terrains, rare or fascinating wildlife, picture-perfect landscapes that seem to go on forever, and memories that are just waiting to be made. The Polar Regions.

Situated at each tip of the globe and encompassing miles of glaciated islands and frozen seas, the Arctic and Antarctic have previously been thought of as places where only famous explorers can tread. But now it is time for you to become an explorer yourself.

Polar Bear And Cubs

Step out of your comfort zone and into the realm of the polar bear, swap a day on the beach for a day watching whales breach, and take full advantage of the chance to experience the trip of a lifetime. Our fantastic range of expedition cruises will give you a taste for adventure that you may never be able to satisfy.

Our operating partners will offer you the chance to see places such as Iceland, the Antarctic Peninsula and even the North Pole, but choosing your voyage may be a difficult task. Do you go north and track the Aurora Borealis across the sky, or do you head south and into penguin territory? And what should you do when you get there? Should you explore hidden caves and mighty fjords in a kayak, or take to the skies on a helicopter tour and delight in the view from above? Decisions, decisions.


Wherever you go and whatever expedition activities you decide to take part in, you can guarantee that you won’t forget your time away in a hurry. And as Fred.\helps to introduce tourists to a new and exciting travel experience, we welcome you to the world of expeditions…

Come on in, the water’s…well…quite cold actually.

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