TV Shows That Inspire Arctic Travel

Humans have always been enamoured with the Arctic. The mystery of its natural wonders and breathtaking scenery draw us in and make it one of the most esoteric places in the world to travel to. For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, this is often compounded by the fact that the Arctic Circle is so close yet seems so far away in terms of the environment we are used to living in.

This fascination is often brought out in the media that we produce and the shows we like to watch on television. There have been numerous programmes that highlight the mystery and wonder of the Arctic, cementing our adoration of a place that many of us would love to visit. Here are three television series that have inspired our Arctic adventures.


This new Sky Atlantic drama started a few weeks back and has re-ignited our love of the northern polar region. The whodunit is set in the fictional town of Fortitude, on the very real island of Spitsbergen, and features an all-star, primarily British cast including Christopher Eccleston, Call The Midwife actress Jessica Raine, and Dumbledore himself – Michael Gambon.

In a town in which it is illegal to die (an actual law in the Spitsbergen city of Longyearbyen) and where there is very little crime, everyone is put on high alert when a local scientist is murdered in his home. Secrets start to reveal themselves as the residents attempt to determine who, in a place littered with polar bears and where everyone has their own rifle, could have committed the crime.



This original Netflix series had its third season aired last year and takes its name from the place in Norway that hosted the 1994 winter Olympics. The different spelling (lily as opposed to lille) refers to the name of the main character’s dog and the way that many people, wrongly, pronounce the town’s name.

The comedy-drama is focussed around Frank Tagliano; a retired mobster who joins the witness protection programme and moves to Lillehammer after testifying against his former gang members. The transition doesn’t go as smoothly as he hoped though and he soon finds himself slipping back into his old ways.

The Bridge

Oresund Bridge

Many people are put off by the idea of a TV show with subtitles, but the widely acclaimed show The Bridge has won over many fans regardless. The drama, screened first on Swedish and Danish TV and then on the BBC, features two simultaneous murder investigations after a body is found on the iconic Øresund Bridge which connects Sweden and Denmark.

The problem arises when it is realised that that body is right in the middle of the bridge and so jurisdiction of the case must be shared by both countries’ authorities. Things then escalate again with the discovery that they are not dealing with on murder but two separate ones. After two successful seasons, filming has now started on a third that will be screened later in 2015 or early in 2016.

All of these shows are perfect for lovers of drama and those who are captivated by the Arctic region. If any of them inspire you to see these places for yourself, we have a wide range of Arctic cruises that will enable you to do this. Call us today for more details or fill in an online enquiry form.

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