Three Ways In Which Expedition Leaders Will Enhance Your Polar Cruise

When you travel with Fred.\, whether you venture north or south, you will be joined by a group of people that are sure to make your trip all the more special. As well as your fellow guests, the dedicated crew and a cruise director from the operator you have booked with, you will be joined by experienced, knowledgeable expedition leaders.

Here a just a few ways in which these experts will enhance your polar cruise.

Educational Presentations

Expedition Leader

Before you arrive at each port of call, your expedition leader will host a presentation about the environment you are about to visit. This will often include a general overview of all the things you are likely to see, as well as running over some top tips for when you are actually on the land. These meetings offer the perfect chance to pose any questions that you might have so that when you get there you only have to focus on taking in your awe-inspiring surroundings.

Often there will also be a brief presentation after you have finished your day of explorations and you are back on the ship. Your expedition leader will then go over what you saw and clarify anything with the group. There is usually another chance to ask questions about anything you experienced.

Taking You To The Best Spots

Photographing a breaching whalePhotographing a breaching whale

These experts have been to these locations on many different occasions and so they know exactly where to find the best spots. Whether that means taking you to the best vantage points to witness the amazing views on offer or knowing exactly where to go for the best chance of spotting animals such as polar bears and whales, their experience has so many upsides.

As well as travelling these routes before, many of the guides are experts in their field away from the cruise industry. Lindblad Expeditions have the ability to call upon specialists from National Geographic, whereas other operators will use wildlife experts and scientists from other well-respected backgrounds. All of this means you will have a great chance of experiencing the highlights everybody wants to see.

Ensuring Your Safety

Safety Drill

When travelling in the Polar Regions, safety is always the number one concern. Whilst the risk factor is only slightly increased when compared to other cruises, it may be more difficult for you to receive medical attention in these remote areas. Therefore, your expedition leader will do everything they can to keep you safe when you step onshore.

By providing safety briefings before you leave the ship and ensuring everything is in place when you head out into the wilderness, you will be able to enjoy your trip in the peace of mind that your safety is being taken very seriously.

If you would like to see first-hand just how much these expedition leaders enhance your polar cruise, we have plenty of itineraries for you to choose from. Call us today to start planning an adventure into the wild.

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