The Falklands: Looking Beyond The Conflict

Upon hearing The Falklands mentioned it is much more likely that your mind will be filled with thoughts of war and conflict rather than breath-taking images that portray this remote destination in all its glory. Whilst discussions and the odd politically motivated story still rumble on today, it is important to remember that there is so much beauty and adventure waiting to be uncovered on these southern isles.

Our Falklands expeditions will allow you to see them for yourself and introduce you to a thriving community, the majority of which are proud to be classed as British citizens. On a blustery landscape, descendants from regions such as France, Gibraltar and Scandinavia live together in a place that has very little crime and a rich, interesting history of exploration.

Autonomous And Flourishing

Union Jack Flying In The Falklands

The Falklands are made up of over 700 islands of varying sizes, most of which are rugged and hilly. However, just 15 of these are actually inhabited with the large majority of the 3,000 islanders making their home in the capital of Stanley. Other civilian areas include Mount Pleasant (where much of the military activity takes place) and an area known locally as Camp, taken from the Spanish word ‘campo’ which means countryside.

The islands have been autonomous since the creation of the latest Falkland Islands Constitution in 2009. Whilst the Queen is still their head of state, the only real involvement that Britain has concerns defence. The main industries here are farming, fishing and tourism, with the natural terrain lending itself perfectly to all of these. There are in fact over 150 sheep per person on the islands, contributing to excellent wool production, whilst tourist ships like the one you may visit on have become more and more proliferous in recent years.

Where Nature Dominates

Penguins In The Falklands

Although, as mentioned above, it is the Queen who rules over these lands; nature is the most commanding presence here. Your Falklands cruise will be dominated by activities that celebrate Mother Nature’s work, including lots of walking opportunities and numerous chances to spot the local wildlife.

Thousands of penguins huddle together on various beaches and rare Black-browed albatrosses breed in the cliffside to create a paradise for bird watchers. There are in fact five different species of inquisitive and eccentric penguins which seem to captivate travellers from the moment they step off their expedition vessel. Other wildlife comes in the form of endemic species such as the flightless Falklands duck, as well as the falcon-like caracara.

There’s plenty of action taking place in the water too as different types of marine animals have also been seen around the Falklands. You may well be lucky enough to witness some Commerson’s dolphins playing in your ship’s wake or even spot some baleen whales from the bow as you sail around the islands.

Other Activities

Falklands Cathedral

As well as organised excursions, you are sure to have some free time to explore Stanley for yourself during your Falkland Islands cruise. There is plenty to do in this time including learning more about the history of a place that you hear so much about but, in reality, know little of. Popular activities include visiting the Falkland Islands Museum and taking a look around the southernmost Anglican cathedral, but there will also be some time to taste the local food.

The cuisine here doesn’t deviate too far from that which you will be familiar with in Britain, but there is a clear richness and vibrancy brought about by the abundance of local ingredients available. There are also a few culinary influences from South America. The menu at the Falklands Brasserie features excellent beef and fish options, whilst toothfish brochettes and upland goose pate are also worth a try.

Expedition Options

Houses In The Falklands

We have a number of different Falkland cruises available from various expedition operators. Many trips will also include visits to nearby South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, and some will venture on to the Antarctic Peninsula afterwards.

If reading about the Falklands has inspired you to see this wonderful destination for yourself then please get in touch with our friendly team today. We can help find the perfect trip for you and enable you to discover what the Falkland Islands are really like.

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