Technology To Aid Your Polar Expedition

The chances are that you will only get to venture into the Polar Regions once in your life, hence the term ‘holiday of a lifetime’. Therefore, it is important to make the most of every minute of your trip. Obviously, you will want to be in the moment and use your natural senses to experience your surroundings, but technology can also help enhance your time in Antarctica or the Arctic.

Here are some great gadgets that you may wish to bring with you.

A Top-Notch Camera


There are many great cameras out there these days and so it would be a very long blog post if we were to list all the possible options available. However, it is worth saying that you should think about upgrading your picture-snapper if it lacks some of the latest features or has a history of being temperamental and frustrating. There will be some fantastic photo opportunities during your trip and the last thing you want is to miss out because of an equipment malfunction or because your camera just wasn’t up to the task.

Thankfully, you don’t even need to know your way around a camera particularly well to get the best out of a top-of-the-range device. Cameras are getting more intuitive all the time and their automatic functions often remove the need to know everything there is to know about ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness TrackerFitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are all the rage today, with people constantly monitoring their activity levels to stay healthy. Wherever you travel in the Polar Regions, there will be a lot of hiking opportunities and so this could be the perfect time to join the wearable tech revolution. Whether you are already an avid tracker or you’re thinking of buying something like this, you will able to see how far you’ve walked and how many calories you’ve burned on your way to that glacier. Even if you just use the data to brag to everyone when you get home, it’s a great way to keep one on eye on your health. And, we’re sure you’ll be able to persuade most people that steps on Antarctica count double.



Not only will a good pair of binoculars mean you don’t miss any amazing wildlife sightings, it also avoids the awkward conversation of having to ask someone else to borrow theirs. Not all binoculars are created equal, though. Take a look at the two numbers used in their description. The first will tell you how much magnification there is and the second will give you the diameter of the lenses, helping you choose a suitable pair for the job.

Power Strip

Power Strip

This may not be the most advanced piece of equipment in your travel bag, but a power strip will definitely come in handy during your expedition cruise. Cruise ship cabins can be limited when it comes to available outlets and so this will enable you to plug all of your devices in at once. Modern power strips incorporate some excellent space-saving features, as well as surge protectors and other helpful additions.

Portable Charger

Power Bank

It’s all very well being able to charge your phone or your camera in the cabin, but what if one of them dies when you are out and about? Batteries tend to drain a lot quicker in colder temperatures and so a portable charger will keep you capturing those unforgettable images for longer. Some power banks can store enough juice for three or four charges and even allow you to revive more than one device at a time.

Now that you’re prepared to venture into the Polar Regions, contact our team of knowledgeable experts to find your perfect adventure. We have cruises to many different parts of the Arctic, as well as trips to the icy seventh continent.

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