Seeing The Polar Regions From Land, Sea And Air

When you travel to the Arctic or Antarctica with Fred.\, you’ll be able to see these stunning, wild landscapes from three different perspectives. The wealth of activities that are offered during our polar cruises is sure to give you the best chance of exploring every inch of your destination.

Let’s take a look at how you can discover the Polar Regions via the land, sea and air.


Quark Hiking

Your expedition ship may be the means by which you travel into the wilderness, but these trips have a major focus on giving you the opportunity to step ashore and really see what life is like here. As well as general walking and hiking explorations, there will also be more exciting activities such as snow-shoeing, skiing, fishing and photography workshops.

Also, in certain places, you’ll be able to take part in further pursuits. In Antarctica, on the Falklands and in Spitsbergen you may get the chance to camp overnight on the snowy ground. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you’ll get to witness the most breathtaking, unimpeded starry sky you’ll ever see. Additionally, if you choose our Arctic Watch Lodge adventure, you can navigate the craggy terrain in your own 4-wheel ATV.


Lindblad Kayak

During your expedition cruise, there will be plenty of chances to do some sightseeing off the side of the ship; especially when the captain calls over the public address system that there has been a pod of whales spotted off the bow. However, you can also get away from the ship and still see the area from the sea.

In a kayak, you’ll be able to see what’s lurking in all of the caves and inlets around the rocky coastline. There will be an expedition leader on hand to guide you and show you all the best spots, but you’ll be the master of your own explorations as you paddle your way through the shallower waters that the ship cannot reach. There’s also the option to raft along the Cunningham River whilst you stay at the Arctic Watch Lodge and, provided you are qualified, you can also observe what’s happening beneath the water’s surface on a polar dive.



Although there’s nothing like seeing these remote regions close up, perhaps the most impressive views you’ll receive will be experienced from the air. Ships such as 50 Years of Victory and Kapitan Khlebnikov are equipped with helicopters that can be used to survey the land from up high during your cruise.

Depending on who you sail with, helicopter trips like these are offered as an activity which either incurs an additional cost or one which is part of the original price. Either way, there is likely to be limited availability for an in-demand experience like this. There is another way to view the frozen land from above and that’s in a hot air balloon. Quark Expeditions offer this on their North Pole cruises and, although there will be an extra cost, it’s an exhilarating experience that offers a one-of-a-kind viewpoint of the top of the world.

If you like the sound of exploring the Polar Regions from all angles, call the Fred.\ team today to discuss all of the exciting options available.

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