Rare Discovery Of Running Water In Antarctica


For years now, scientists have pondered the devastating effect that running water in Antarctica would have on the sea levels surrounding the vast continent. The thought was that ice melted by climate change would form giant lakes and, in turn, cause the further erosion of ice shelves and lead to seas rising. However, a recent discovery may lead to this being reconsidered.

The first-ever hydrological survey of Antarctica has uncovered running water in a range of different forms. From ponds that stretch 50 miles across to waterfalls that rage with the force of the Potomac River (a waterway found on America’s east coast) during the summer months. Scientists originally thought that the discovery of running water on the surface of Antarctic was very rare, but the results of the survey show that there is much more than they expected.

These areas of meltwater were found all over Antarctica, as we begin to learn more about the most unmapped part of our world. It is believed these ponds, streams and waterfalls have been present for a few decades at least, leading the world’s scientists to re-evaluate the repercussions of water flowing across the ice.

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