Quark Looking To Make 2017 The Greatest Arctic Season Of All Time


Expedition specialists Quark are looking ahead to the future and hoping to make their 2017 Arctic season the greatest ever. Not only are they adding two brand new itineraries, they are also implementing a major refurbishment of one of their most loved ships, Sea Adventurer. The vessel has been a long-time favourite for the operator’s guests and will return with an upgraded interior and plenty of other enhancements besides. Its small size means that it can nimbly navigate to places that larger ships can’t get to, making it great for polar cruises.

Sea Adventurer is a true expedition ship and, with that being the case, facilities on board are never going to be the most spectacular. However, following the relaunch, passengers will be able to explore the Arctic in increased comfort thanks to improved bathrooms, new cabins and a luxurious lounge at the front of the ship. This final addition will allow those onboard to see exactly where the ship is heading and never miss a thing.

Upgrades are being made to her technology too, allowing her to be more fuel efficient and eco-friendly. There will be new engines added, along with fresh propellers, generators, gearboxes and drive systems. With carbon-neutral voyages already available on Ocean Diamond, it looks like Sea Adventurer won’t be too far behind.

The new Arctic itineraries will feature some of the most popular destinations in the region. ‘Canada To Greenland: Baffin Bay Explorer’ will give guests the chance to hunt for whales and polar bears within the beautiful Baffin Bay, whilst ‘Iceland, Greenland & Baffin Island: Arctic Circle Traverse’ will offer the opportunity to see Iceland’s natural wonders, Greenland’s dramatic fjords and the spectacular birdlife of the Canadian Arctic’s largest island.

If you would like to learn more about these new journeys or you would like to book your trip on the upgraded Sea Adventurer, call and speak to our friendly team today.

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