New VR Experience Will Inspire You To Visit Antarctica

The lure of the Antarctic is undeniable. Those with a thirst for adventure are attracted by the chance to explore this icy wilderness and to embark on a trip which represents the very definition of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

But now there’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in this world of white without actually being there and it’s all thanks to the latest technology. VR (virtual reality) has been growing in stature and popularity for the last couple of years, becoming more affordable and more viable. Multiple VR headsets have now been launched by various different industry giants, games are being designed specifically for this new medium and a sense of excitement is starting to grow about how much is possible with this new form of gaming.

It’s not just computer games that VR can be used for, though. A fact demonstrated perfectly by Quark Expeditions who have created their very own virtual reality app that allows you to be surrounded by the sights and sounds you would expect to find on the 7th continent. It showcases everything you can get up to during an Antarctic cruise, from exploring the ship to kayaking along the coast and interacting with the various penguin species that can be found on the peninsula.

For the full experience, the videos (filmed in 360 degrees using a GoPro) are best viewed through a VR headset. Simply download the Quark Expeditions Antarctic VR mobile app from the iPhone App Store or Google Play for free. However, those who are yet to venture into the world of VR technology can still watch the films on YouTube and get a feel for what it’s like to discover one of the most remote parts of the world.

If this immersive series of films inspires you to visit Antarctica for real, we have plenty of expedition cruises available that can make this dream come true. Contact us today for your chance to turn the virtual into a reality.

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