Increasing The Comfort Of Your Expedition Cruise

There’s no doubt that expedition cruising is different from taking a standard ocean cruise. You’ll be visiting destinations that are much more remote than usual, experiencing things that just cannot be done on an ocean cruise and sailing in a ship that has been specifically designed to easily cope with the icy conditions.

However, some may think that there is a difference in comfort levels too and that an expedition cruise will be a very basic way to travel. That is not the case, though. It’s true that these vessels may not offer the wide range of state-of-the-art facilities that some cruise ships can these days, but they still provide a very comfortable home from home during your adventure.

However, if you are still unsure, there are always ways to improve the comfort of your trip. Here are just a few ways to add a touch of luxury to your polar cruise.

Upgrade To A Suite

Silver Explorer Owner's Suite

Just like standard ocean cruise ships, the cabins on an expedition ship come in various different grades. Therefore, if you wanted to improve the comfort of your stay you could always upgrade to a sumptuous suite. Many standard cabins have all the mod-cons you will need, such as a TV, climate control and hair dryer, but a suite will always include extra benefits.

Spa Treatments

Couple In Sauna

Whilst you won’t find giddying arrays of restaurant choices and vast swimming pool complexes, some expedition ships do have a spa and wellness area. Taking advantage of the various treatments available is a great way to spend your time at sea and is sure to make you feel instantly relaxed. You could start the day with a yoga session out on the deck and finish it in the luxury of a rejuvenating massage. It will be the perfect way to soothe those aching feet after heading ashore and exploring the wilds of the Polar Regions.

Fly The Drake

Drake Passage

When sailing on an Antarctic Cruise, many people worry about crossing the Drake Passage. This notorious stretch of water stands between South America and Antarctica and is known to be quite rough at times. However, if you are worried about getting sea sick or you want to improve the comfort of your journey to the frozen continent, most operators offer the chance to do what is known as ‘flying the Drake’. You can choose to fly in one direction and sail in the other, or simply soar above the Drake Passage on both legs of your journey and remove the need to traverse its tumultuous waters at all.

P P P Pick Up A Parka

Expedition Leader With Parka

One reason that you will feel uncomfortable during your expedition cruise is if you are not dressed properly for your trip. We have outlined some things you should pack in our blog post about ‘What to Bring with you on your Polar Expedition’ but some of the cruise lines also offer a helping hand in this respect too. Quark, Poseidon, Lindblad, Hurtigruten, G Adventures and Silversea Expeditions all provide their guests with complimentary Parkas to help keep the icy conditions out and the warmth in. Many of these operators also offer the chance to rent walking boots for the duration of your cruise so that your feet are always warm and comfortable.

As you can see, there are many ways to improve the comfort of your polar cruise. However, even without these, you will by no means be going back to basics when you step aboard an expedition ship. Our extended luxury cruises are a great place to start if you are looking for added amenity.

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