In Search of the Northern Lights

One of Mother Nature’s most impressive natural phenomena could also be described as a true rarity that graces the presence of a lucky few. However, Hurtigruten is so sure that you’ll witness this Arctic highlight that if you don’t, you can book another voyage with them for free.

Let There be Light



The Northern Lights are one of nature’s most fascinating natural wonders and are a firm favourite on the bucket lists of many. Dazzling displays of green, yellow, purple or pink fill the air when the sun releases solar charged particles that react with the particles in the atmosphere. They can occur anytime throughout the year although they are most likely to occur between the months of September – February. There are also a number of factors that will contribute to making a sighting more probable, such as clear skies and little light pollution. Sometimes, though, even when everything is in your favour, a sighting doesn’t always happen.

Many travellers spend hours researching the best times and destinations to visit in order to catch a photograph or even a glimpse of this phenomenal sight and can sometimes come away disappointed. Some cruise lines even have sailings aimed specifically at seeing the Northern Lights. But when a holiday to such a destination means parting with your hard earned cash, not witnessing them can often rub salt in the wound.

A Pleasing Proposition



However, cruise line Hurtigruten understands that no Arctic cruise is complete without witnessing this dazzling light show at least once on your journey. And they are 100% sure you will do when you sail with them. In fact, they are so sure, they have made a promise that if the Northern Lights don’t show themselves during your cruise, you can book another six or seven-day voyage with them, absolutely free.

Light at the End of the Tunnel



What’s the catch?! I hear you cry. Well, there isn’t one, as long as your chosen sailing has the Northern Lights Promise attached to it. Quite simply, a Northern Lights sighting is defined as a one that is recorded and announced over the PA system, by the ship’s crew members. It can last for a few minutes or a few hours, but if they don’t appear, you’re welcome to book another Northern Lights cruise on a bed and breakfast basis within 28 days after your return date. How about that for taking the edge off a failed first attempt?

So if the Northern Lights are on your bucket list and the sound of Hurtigruten’s Northern Lights promise is too good an offer to miss, get in contact with one of our representatives to hear the full terms and conditions and see what we can arrange for you.

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