Exploring the Antarctic: Then and Now

Over the past decade, polar travel has become increasingly more popular. Antarctic adventures are slowly creeping onto the bucket lists of many, and there are now a variety of cruise lines offering expeditions to these wonderlands, with the added comforts of modern day living. However, hundreds of years ago this wouldn’t have been the case. Photographs from bygone eras paint a very different picture and the brave men who boldly travelled to the 7th continent probably never imagined the little luxuries that would have been available on an Antarctic expedition with us.

Camping in Antarctica


Hundreds of years ago, very few were able to say they had camped out in Antarctica and if they could, there was certainly no magnificent ship waiting to pick them up and guide them safely to the next destination. In fact, when Earnest Shackleton and his men took on the harsh conditions the journey was fatal for some. Today, you can rest assured that during your chosen expedition you’ll be in the experienced hands of our expedition leaders.

And as an added bonus, the tents you’ll be camping in are slightly better than ones used all those years ago!

Dressing for the Antarctic

Expedition Leader

With classy restaurants, sophisticated bars and lavish lounges, there will be plenty of occasions to dress up during your expedition – a far cry from the attire you would have seen early explorers wearing. Woollen underwear, natural fibres and reindeer lined boots kept adventurers warm, and after a long, hard day of trekking, they would return to either frozen or wet sleeping bags. Luckily, our ships are nice and warm and many operators provide their guests with a complimentary parka to keep the cold at bay.

Travelling Around Antarctica

Ski Trekking

While you leave your ship and head out on skis, sledges, kayaks or other means of travel we have on offer, give a thought to Captain Scott’s men who used pure manpower on their expedition to haul their worldly goods across the icy paths of this pristine continent.

Dining in Antarctica

Dining In Antarctica

Some of the first men to tread the icy paths of Antarctica survived on a staple of tinned goods and would often eat penguins and seals to keep hunger at bay. Luckily, local laws and our ships’ highly trained chefs mean you’ll only receive the finest cuisine when travelling with us. Good news for you and the penguins!

Preserving Antarctica

Taking Pictures Of Penguins

One of the most poignant memories for people who embark on an expedition to the Antarctic is the feeling of serenity they felt upon arrival. Global warming and the modern age are fast becoming a threat to this natural wonder, and there is now a system of rules designed to minimise the effects of human impact on the continent. These include the disinfection of boots before and after every land excursion, no more than 100 people allowed on land in the same place at any time, and not to mention, maintaining a five-metre distance from penguins (unless they approach you first).

To explore this bewitching and remote continent on an Antarctic cruise contact Fred.\ and start your own adventure today.

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