Expedition Options For Budget Conscience Explorers

Polar cruises are never going to be the most inexpensive of holiday options, but that’s because they are unlike any other holiday. More than just a simple break from your daily routine and brief trip to foreign lands, these journeys offer the chance to embark on a truly once in a lifetime experience.

But whilst some options do have substantial price tags, there are still some great deals to be found. Anyone looking for an expedition cruise which perhaps doesn’t break the bank as much as other, more extravagant, options may want to consider one of these excellent choices.

After all, a more budget-friendly initial price leaves you with more to spend on those exciting activities such as camping and kayaking.

Cruise: Introduction To Spitsbergen


Where? Tour of the Arctic island of Spitsbergen

When? 14/6/2015 for 8 nights

Who With? Quark Expeditions

Which Ship? Sea Adventurer

What Will I Get To Do?



This Spitsbergen cruise will take you all around the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago as you look out for some of the fascinating wildlife that calls this part of the Arctic home. You will fly into Longyearbyen, the central transport hub of the island, and spend your time sailing the western coast and exploring some of the northern fjords.

Along the way, you will constantly be on red alert as you search for the king of the Arctic, the polar bear. Other wildlife which may make an appearance includes walruses, Arctic foxes and a variety of different seabirds. This wild and icy world is sure to leave you with plenty of lasting memories and more than a taste for future adventures.

Price? Starting from £3025pp

Cruise: Antarctica Classic


Where? Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands

When? 12/3/2015 for 10 nights

Who With? G Adventures

Which Ship? MS Expedition

What Will I Get To Do?



As you depart from the southernmost city in the world (Ushuaia, Argentina), you will set sail across the infamous Drake Passage. The waters here are said to be rather two-faced; either providing smooth sailing conditions or a rather more eventful crossing, but it’s all part of what is an exciting experience. As you approach the icy continent of Antarctica you will take some time to explore the volcanic South Shetland Islands which surround it.

When you finally set foot on the Peninsula you will immediately get an idea of how much of an achievement it is. Very few people have made tracks through this vast landscape, but you are sure to learn about the famous brave souls that have. Besides the human explorers that have ventured to these parts, you will also discover the somewhat cuter black and white inhabits that are the stars of the show. A variety of different penguin species, including Gentoo, Chinstrap and Adelie, will put on an excellent performance for their adoring public.

Price? Starting from £2999pp

Cruise: Polar Bears, Islets and Fjords


Where? Norway and Spitsbergen

When? 23/9/15 for 12 Nights

Who With? Hurtigruten

Which Ship? MS Fram

What Will I Get To Do?



This 12 night Hurtigruten expedition is not only the longest trip on this list but also the most inexpensive. The tour starts on the island of Spitsbergen before you travel south across Norway, taking in some of the most beautiful natural sights this wonderful country has to offer. The cruise certainly lives up to its name as you hunt out polar bears and explore some of the most magnificent islets and fjords imaginable.

Some of the highlights of this action-packed trip include the chance to see the largest concentration of seabirds in the northern hemisphere on the Bear Island, visit the fantastic city of Tromso which has the highest number of Northern Lights sightings in the world, and gaze at the natural beauty of Lofoten. Anyone choosing to embark on this expedition cruise is sure to witness both the spectacular and untamed sides of Norway.

Price? Starting from £2893

With prices that reflect those attached to many general ocean cruises, these expeditions represent great value for money. They also serve as an excellent taster for anyone who doesn’t really know what to expect from this type of trip and who is reluctant to spend a great deal of money finding out.

If you are interested in any of the polar cruises mentioned above, please call today and speak to our knowledgeable experts.

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