Enjoy A Sami Experience Before Your Hurtigruten Expedition

One of the most enriching and fascinating things about the Arctic region is that it is home to a wide range of native communities. Whether it’s the Siberian Yupik people of Russia or the Greenlandic Inuit, each indigenous group has a long history and an interesting way of life.

One native group that you can learn a lot more about is the Sami people of Norway. This is because Hurtigruten is offering a pre or post-cruise stay to anyone starting or finishing their Arctic adventure in Tromso. During this one-night experience, you will enjoy a ride on a sledge pulled by reindeer and stay the night in a traditional Sami Lavvu (tent). In the evening, stories will be shared around the campfire and you will come together to sing folk songs (yoik), in accordance with Sami customs. These often have a very spiritual feel to them and help the Sami to develop links with the nature that surrounds them. You will also get the opportunity to learn cultural artefacts that are handcrafted by the Sami as these will be on display.

As you find yourself in a remote part of northern Norway, conditions will be perfect for spotting the Northern Lights. Low light pollution and clear skies are ideal for witnessing this magnificent natural wonder and it will be something you never forget if you do manage to catch a glimpse.

The Sami people are traditionally reindeer herders that live a semi-nomadic life across Norway, Finland, Sweden and parts of Russia. They live further north than any other indigenous group in Europe, relying on their reindeer for food, warmth and transportation.

If you would like more information on this fantastic extension to a Hurtigruten expedition, contact our team of polar specialists today.

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