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Your Chance To Circumnavigate The Arctic

What’s better than one icebreaker ship? Well, obviously it’s two icebreaker ships. And that’s exactly what Quark Expeditions are going to be able to offer for the 2015/2016 season.

Joining the fleet, and complementing ‘50 Years of Victory’, will be a legendary polar vessel known as Kapitan Khlebnikov. This fabled ship has been part of the Quark family in the past when it sailed for the polar operator for twenty years, between 1992 and 2012. Over this time, it became a favourite with passengers due to its ability to travel to the farthest reaches of the planet and break through thick sea-ice.

The Ship

Kapitan Khlebnikov

Kapitan Khlebnikov is a Russian ship that was built in 1981 at a shipyard in Finland. After serving as a full time icebreaker for smaller vessels until 1990, it was refitted so that it could serve as a passenger ship for intrepid explorers wanting to travel into icy waters. Since retiring from passenger duties in 2012, Kapitan Khlebnikov has been guiding other ships through the Russian Arctic. However, following a second refurbishment to bring her in line with Quark’s requirements, she will be back in service to carry guests in style.

Going one better than ‘50 Years of Victory’, Kapitan Khlebnikov has the ability to carry two helicopters on board. This means there are sure to be even more chances for you to view these remarkable landscapes from the air during your Artic expedition. There’s also room for 51 cabins, a dining room, a lounge and bar, heated indoor plunge pool, sauna, theatre and a Polar Boutique where you can buy any essentials you need. Furthermore, all beverages (including alcohol) will be part of an all-inclusive package offered by Quark.

Amongst its fantastic achievements, Kapitan Khlebnikov can list the fact that it was the first vessel to circumnavigate Antarctica with passengers onboard and the only ship to do this twice. It also equalled a record set by heroic explorer Roald Amundsen by reaching 78° south at the Bay of Whales and has traversed the Northwest Passage more times than any other ship.

The Expedition

Starting on July the 10th 2016, there are actually four different itineraries available on board Kapitan Khlebnikov. The first of these will sail through the Russian Arctic to the island of Spitsbergen, the second will travel around Greenland, the third will explore Greenland’s west coast and the Northwest Passage, and the final trip will allow passengers to discover the Canadian Arctic before finishing on Russia’s east coast.

However, all four can be booked together to form one epic trip that circumnavigates the entire Arctic. This would create a roundtrip from Anadyr, Russia with flights from and to Anchorage at the beginning and end of your mammoth journey.

The expedition would take 75 days in total and would give you a unique opportunity to witness everything that makes this part of the world so amazing. There will be plenty of wildlife, from polar bears to seabirds, reindeer and whales; endless stunning landscapes that disappear into the distance; the chance to interact with various different indigenous communities, such as Canadian Inuit and Russian Yupik people; and the opportunity to take part in a range of Arctic activates like snowshoeing and zodiac cruising.

If you would like to book your place on this once in a lifetime expedition cruise, or any of the individual legs, call us today. Alternatively you can submit your enquiry via our online contact form.