Battery Powered Expeditions Could Be The Future


With April Fools just last week, it’s no surprise that a recent story about battery powered ships was met with suspicion. However, the latest news from Hurtigruten is 100% true and refers to something that could have a major impact on sustainable tourism in the future. As a cruise line that has always tried to reduce its environmental disruption and preserve the destinations that it visits, as shown by the work that is done by the Hurtigruten Foundation, Hurtigruten’s CEO Daniel Skjeldam says the company feels like it has “an obligation to do something”.

That is why the Norwegian specialist is looking to transition its operations to ships that are propelled by battery power. They would provide around four hours of juice before needing to be recharged, with algae-based eco fuels being used until a suitable place can be found to do this. A move to shore-based power when the ships are in port has already helped to drastically reduce nitrogen oxide and CO2 levels and this is something that Skjeldam says Hurtigruten’s passengers are very passionate about.

Far from being a distant pipedream, the cruise line has already started work on making these dual-battery and eco-fuel ships a reality. “It won’t be many years down the road before Hurtigruten will have battery packs on board the vessels," Daniel promises. He also announced plans for the company to introduce a number of new small ships within the next five years and for them to branch out further from just being experts of Norway cruises.

So, although this technology seems to still be in its infancy at the moment, it looks like it won’t be long before battery-powered vessels are taking guests into the Polar Regions. To experience an expedition cruise with Hurtigruten, call us today to discuss our wide range of itineraries.

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