5 Things To Know About Kayaking On Your Expedition Cruise

Kayaking is just one of the many expedition activities that are offered on our polar cruises. Willing guests will have the chance to explore certain areas that the ship cannot reach and discover inlets and cave systems along the coast by taking to the water in a kayak. However, there are a few things you need to do if you hope to add this activity to your adventure.

Experience May Be Needed

Firstly, it’s unlikely that you will be allowed to jump in a Kayak and paddle through polar waters if you have never been in one before. However, the level of experience you will require tends to vary from cruise line to cruise line. Some operators will just ask that you have kayaked before and that you are fairly confident to do so again, whilst others will expect you to be slightly more prepared. Poseidon Expeditions, for example, ask that you join their Sea Kayak Club and even recommend you take some sea kayaking lessons. This is to keep groups small and ensure that everyone is operating at the same level.

Prices Can Vary

Not only do kayaking prices vary depending on which operator you sail with, there are also different costs for kayaking in the Arctic and Antarctica. Antarctica tends to be more expensive than the Arctic, possibly because there are more opportunities to partake in the activity and the marine life is more varied and abundant. Regardless of the price difference, though, kayaking in either region is a fantastic way to get closer to your surroundings and see the resident wildlife from a different perspective.

Places Are Limited

Kayaking can be a very popular activity and so it is best to secure your place as soon as possible. Many operators will limit the number that they allow in a group so it is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment. If there are no spaces, a waiting list may be implemented so that if anyone drops out their place can be filled.

It’s Not A One Time Thing

When you pay to kayak during your expedition cruise, you are not just shelling out for a single paddle on a specified day. Instead, you will be able to kayak whenever the opportunity presents itself, giving you plenty of chances to perfect your paddle skills. The expedition leaders will launch the kayaks in multiple destinations on your itinerary and there may even be more than one outing in a day.

You’ll Be At The Mercy Of The Elements

It’s important to remember that the extent to which you will be able to kayak will depend heavily on weather conditions. If there is too much ice, visibility is low or you are hit by a snowstorm, the chances are that it will be unsafe to launch the kayaks. This is part and parcel of exploring these fascinating and untouched environments and sadly you will always be at the mercy of the elements.

If you like the sound of exploring in a sea kayak, check out the various itineraries on which this activity is available. If you have any other questions or you would like to book your adventure, get in touch with our team today.

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