5 Things To Know About Going To The North Pole

Without doubt, one of the most exciting adventure opportunities we can offer here at Fred.\ Expeditions is the chance to sail all the way to the North Pole. This once-in-a-lifetime journey is often thought of as the pinnacle in expedition cruising and will allow you to boast about being one of a very small number of people to ever venture into one of Earth’s most remote places.

So, what can you expect if you decide to take up this epic quest? Here are a few things to know.

You Will Travel To One Of Three Poles

World Poles

Poles exist that represent magnetic north, geomagnetic north and the most inaccessible part of the region. However, your adventure will take you to the geographical North Pole – a point which never changes and can always be found at 90 degrees north. This will put you on top of the world and mean that everything you see in every possible direction will be south.

There Is No Time Zone

Time Zones

Because all lines of longitude converge at the North Pole, there is no official time zone. That means you are free to use whichever system you like. You can adopt the time of your own country; use universal time, which is the same as GMT; or adopt the time of the country you departed from, which in this case is likely to be Russia.

You Will Sail Aboard A Nuclear Icebreaker

50 Years of Victory

Getting to the North Pole is no mean feat and so you will be sailing on board a mighty ship that has been built to cope with this mighty task. Nuclear icebreakers are designed to not only ride on top of the ice and break it but to also brush the broken ice to one side with the shape of their hull. As the name suggests, they are propelled by powerful nuclear engines that allow them to do this.

Most of our North Pole cruises take place on board a ship known as ‘50 Years of Victory’. This Russia-built Arktika class vessel is the most powerful ship of her kind in the world. She celebrates 10 years of service in 2017 and, in the winter months, works to forge a way through the Arctic ice for smaller vessels.

There Are Some Fantastic Ways To Explore When You Get There

50 Years of Victory

The journey to the North Pole is definitely a highlight, as you try to comprehend the sheer nothingness that you see before you whilst also looking out for wildlife that could be in the area. However, it is when you arrive at your destination that the fun begins. Depending on the weather, you might get the chance to see the landscape from above in a hot air balloon or helicopter, but it’s a good idea to book these activities in advance. You can also choose to take the polar plunge into the icy waters and enjoy a BBQ lunch with your fellow explorers.

It Will Be Freezing

The fact that it is going to be cold at the North Pole is probably one of the most obvious things in the world, but you might not know how cold or how best to prepare for these temperatures. Travelling in the summer months, which you will be doing, you can expect temperatures between -4 and +2 degrees Celsius. This may not be as cold as you were expecting but it can still catch you off guard if you aren’t prepared. It’s best to bring plenty of clothes that you can layer up, ensuring you remember a hat and thick socks. A waterproof outer layer is also a must, but this is usually provided in the form of a parka from the expedition operator.

If you would like to experience the thrill of travelling to the North Pole yourself, we have sailings available throughout the summer of 2018.


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