5 Things To Know About Food On An Expedition Cruise

There’s no denying that an expedition cruise isn’t your typical holiday on the waves. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all of the modern comforts that you expect to find on a cruise ship, as shown in this blog post from 2015. There are many things that differ from traditional cruising and many that are surprisingly similar. In this regard, here are five things you should know about food on an expedition cruise.

The Choice Is Still Yours

Hurtigruten BBQ

Ok, so you might not have nine different dining venues to choose from like you do on some traditional cruise ships, but there is still a choice when it comes to dining. Many ships have at least two different restaurants, so you can vary your surroundings, and most also have an outside area to enjoy if the weather is favourable. One highlight for guests are the regular BBQs which take place on deck, offering something different to the food and atmosphere in the main dining room.

Food Is Brought On Board In Port

Silversea Food

The idea of stocking up on local ingredients when the ship arrives in port is a standard practice on ocean cruises, but some people think this cannot possibly be the case in the remote regions visited during an expedition. However, where possible, each cruise line will bring local food on board to serve in the restaurants. From Arctic chard in Norway and Lobster in Alaska to lamb from the Falkland Islands, your menu is sure to feature a good choice of freshly sourced dishes.

More Than Three Square Meals

Afternoon Tea

You will need to be well-fuelled when exploring the Polar Regions and so the operators will ensure you never go hungry. As well as breakfast, lunch and dinner, certain cruise lines also offer the chance to enjoy refreshments throughout the day. This could be in the form of a tea, coffee and snack station; freshly baked pastries for the early risers; or even afternoon tea – proving you can still enjoy the finer things in life during your expedition.

It’s All Included

Much of the food on a traditional cruise is included, but there are always speciality restaurants and other dining areas which require a surcharge. This isn’t the case when you take an expedition cruise. All of the menu options in all of the dining areas will be included in the cost of your trip, so there’s no need to worry about hidden charges.

If In Doubt, Catch Your Own

Hurtigruten Fishing

If you’re a keen fisherman (or woman) or you would like to give this activity a try, Hurtigruten offers you the chance to try and catch your own dinner. This excursion takes place in Svalbard and involves you heading out to sea in a small boat with officers and crew. Anything you catch can be passed onto the chef on board to be served up later that evening. Hurtigruten also offer culinary excursions on land in Greenland, Iceland and Svalbard, offering you the chance to taste some of the local specialities.

So, if the thought of limited food options and basic meals is putting you off taking an Arctic or Antarctic expedition cruise, you needn’t be concerned. Whilst your main focus will be on what’s happening off the ship, there will be some delicious cuisine waiting for you when you return. Speak to one of our dedicated expedition specialists today by calling 0808 250 7696.

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