5 Things That Make Polar Cruises So Appealing

Some people may struggle to comprehend why you would want to go all the way to the largest desert on our planet just to stare into the distance, whereas others will immediately see the appeal of a polar cruise. Whichever way you look at it though, it’s fair to say that these trips aren’t for everyone. But what exactly is it that makes travelling to these icy wildernesses so enticing?




One of the main groups of people interested in a cruise of this kind is the nature lovers. The animals found at both ends of the world are some of the cutest, rarest and most majestic that you will see anywhere on the planet and there’s nothing like spotting them in their natural habitat. Whether its penguins in the Antarctic or polar bears in the Arctic, the wildlife here is wild in more ways than one.

Amazing Photo Opportunities



The other group of enthusiasts that these cruises appeal to is those interested in photography. Some of the scenery you will come across will take your breath away, leaving you glad that you brought your camera with you. You’re sure to return with some amazing imagery, which will be made all the more special by the light that washes over both Polar Regions.

Bragging Rights


Maybe you wouldn’t choose to go on a polar expedition solely for the bragging rights, but they’re not a bad extra to consider. Few people will ever get to visit these remote destinations and so doing so is a feather in the cap for every explorer and a tick off the bucket list for most people.

The Challenge



You may not be setting out on the type of adventure that Ranulph Fiennes, Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott are famous for, but an Arctic or Antarctic cruise is still a great way to challenge yourself. This is especially the case if you’re visiting the North Pole and achieving your goal will mean you can boast of being on top of the world. When you get there, you can congratulate yourself by taking a dip in the pole’s piercingly cold waters.

Once-In-A-lifetime Experiences



Your trip to either end of the earth is guaranteed to be filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences; whether that’s the things you see, the extreme activities you take part in or the informative talks that revered experts will host on board your ship. Sights such as the Northern Lights, Midnight Sun and glaciers calving into the sea definitely fall into this category.

If this has inspired you to delve into adventure tourism and head off on a polar cruise, we have a wide variety of options available. Just call the experts at Fred.\ Expeditions for more details.

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