4 Reasons To Take An Amazon Adventure

As the largest rainforest on the planet, the Amazon is the perfect bucket-list destination and is home to so many fascinating sights. With many ways to traverse this iconic river, there will be no shortage of unforgettable excursions that can take you into the heart of the Amazon. Above all else, an abundance of flora and fauna can be discovered throughout the rainforest.

The Land of Discovery

No two Amazon adventures will be the same. Journeying through indigenous villages allows travellers to delve into the rich history. As the main inhabitants of the Amazon, you can learn different techniques, try local foods and learn about how they have survived within the ever-changing climate of the Amazon. With much of the rainforest still being unexplored, there is a chance to discover new wildlife on your expedition.   

Exotic Wildlife

With over 5,000 different species, the Amazon is a photographer’s dream. Some of the most anticipated animals include anacondas, howler monkeys, jaguars, poison dart frogs, sloths, scarlet macaws, spider monkeys, toucans and the iconic Amazon river dolphin. These natural habitants are one of the main reasons for any Amazon expedition, as many of them are endemic to the rainforest. With expert tour guides on-hand, you will receive in-depth knowledge of the best places to see the flora and fauna.         

A Range of Ways to Travel

Whether you prefer to travel by foot or through the calming waters of the Amazon, there are many choices when adventuring through the diverse landscape. Many different cruise operators offer different excursions, including skiffs and kayaks that allow you to get up and close with the marine life and the awe-inspiring Victoria Amazonica (Giant waterlilies). If you would prefer to travel by foot, you could venture out on one of the many hiking tours that take you through the twists and turns of the rainforest to find extraordinary wildlife.

Intimate Expeditions    

Due to the nature of the Amazon rainforest, many large expedition ships cannot navigate the narrow sections of the river. This means that smaller ships are required to take thrill seekers deep into the heart of the Amazon, which allows for a more intimate experience on board and the chance to get to know your fellow companions. With the help of other cruisers and expedition leaders on board the ship, you can understand more about the Amazon from the luxury of the ship. 

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