3 Unmissable Experiences When Travelling To Iceland

Although Iceland lies just outside of the Arctic Circle, it still plays an important role in our Arctic expeditions and can provide some amazing experiences for anyone deciding to visit. The ‘Land of Fire and Ice’, as it is often called, is a place full of natural beauty and has more than a few interesting stories to tell. And with busy, populated areas like Reykjavik juxtaposing perfectly with wild wildernesses in the north of the island, there is plenty waiting to be explored.

But what can you expect when travelling to this icy island? Besides the trolls and fairies, here are three unmissable experiences.

Bathing In The Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Located about 30 miles outside of the capital, you’ll find a natural oasis that has to be seen to be believed. The sapphire-like geothermal water of the Blue Lagoon originates underground and is known all around the world for its stunning beauty and supposed healing powers. With snow-covered mountains surrounding forming a backdrop, you will be able to relax in soothing temperatures or around 38 degrees – perhaps the perfect way to view some of Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes.

Packages can be purchased that include a free drink, complimentary health treatments, and even the use of bathrobes and slippers. You can also take your indulgence one step further by dining at the LAVA restaurant on site. This venue uses ingredients that naturally occur in Iceland to create modern, mouth-watering dishes like ‘slow cooked Arctic char’ and ‘fried tenderloin of beef and beef cheek’.

Surprisingly, though, the water is not actually blue. It is, in fact, white and only seems blue because of how the sunlight reflects off the natural occurring silica found in the liquid.

Watching Waterfalls

Godafoss Waterfall Iceland

Water can also be seen in a slightly more vociferous form all over Iceland. There are over twenty waterfalls at different points around the country, ranging from well-known examples such as the mighty, two-tiered Gullfoss to those which take you off the beaten track, such as Ketubjörg which plunges into the sea from a cliff top along the north-west coast.

These stunning natural occurrences show off just how spectacular the landscapes of Iceland really are. On trips that circumnavigate the island, you will be able to witness a few waterfalls for yourself; getting up close and personal with them and even seeing some of them from behind. One which you will visit during certain Lindblad polar cruises is simply known as Goðafoss. This cascading wonder earned its name when the country chose Christianity as its religion in AD1000 and so Þorgeir (a law speaker at the time) supposedly threw the Norse idols into the waterfall.

Viewing Volcanoes

Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, Iceland

Thanks to recent activity, Eyjafjallajökull has cemented itself as the most famous volcano in Iceland. However, there are many more besides this mighty mountain that blighted so many people’s holidays in 2010. It is an interesting fact that fire and ice exist side by side within the country and after you have explored the glaciers and snow which contribute to the cooler side of its personality, it’s time to witness Iceland’s hot-headed nature.

These volcanoes have literally shaped the land which you will be walking on and, with nearly 50 of them on the island - including a few that have erupted since the turn of the millennium - you are bound to see some of them dominating the landscape during your expedition. Whether you only get to view them from afar or your adventures take you much closer; the awe which they inspire is something that is sure to live with you long after you return home.

If you would like to experience any of these things for yourself, we have a wide range of exciting Iceland expeditions for you to choose from. Call our dedicated team today or fill out an enquiry form online.

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