Lofoten Panorama

3 Things You’ll See In The Lofoten Islands

Norway’s Lofoten Islands are some of the most beautiful and peaceful destinations that you can visit on our Arctic expedition cruises. The archipelago is made up of six larger islands and countless smaller ones, which are covered in lush green areas thanks to the warmer climate found here. With strong ties to the Vikings, excellent fishing opportunities and an abundance of nature, your time in the Lofoten Islands is sure to be remembered. Here are a few things you’re likely to see.

Whales (and plenty of other wildlife)

Sperm Whale Lofoten

The islands are situated well inside the Arctic Circle but the warmth of the Gulf Stream makes them a playground for many different animals. As you sail towards the archipelago, there is a chance that you will get to see some sperm whales as they feed in the rich waters. The deeper water here, at the edge of the continental shelf, is perfect for these large yet majestic creatures. Other wildlife to put on your spotting list includes sea eagles, puffins and cormorants.

Ancient Cave Paintings

Maelstrom Lofoten

The Refsvikhula Cave can be found along the outermost coast of Lofoten and holds secrets regarding the people that lived here thousands of years ago. In 1986, cave paintings were discovered on the walls of this narrow yet cavernous cave. They seem to depict the different lives that men and women led and have been dated at around 3,000 years ago. Metaphorically guarding the cave, and something else you may see during your visit, is a powerful maelstrom. This whirlpool is created by the mountains which lay beneath the water’s surface, resulting in an impressive sight and one of the archipelago’s most famous features.

Natural Phenomena

Hamnoy Northern Lights

Depending on which time of year you visit this part of Norway, you might get the chance to see one of two natural phenomena that will brighten your trip in different ways. On clear, still nights, these remote islands are a great spot from which to see the Northern Lights dancing above your head. The best times of the year for this are spring and autumn. The reason why you probably won’t see the Northern Lights in summer is because of the second natural event, the Midnight Sun. This is when the sun doesn’t drop below the horizon for an extended period, bathing the land in a warm hue which has inspired many artists in the past.

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