3 Things You’ll See On A Cruise To The Falklands

3 Things You’ll See On A Cruise To The Falklands

Included on many tour operator sailings around the Antarctica region, the Falkland Islands are usually the highlight of any itinerary. Over recent decades, the islands have seen controversy and conflict but still host some unforgettable memories. They are well-known for their flora and fauna and attract nature lovers from around the world.

Carcass Islands

Carcass Island is well known for its name and story, derived from HMS carcass which surveyed the island back in 1766. Over the last century, this north-western island has been used as a sheep farm by a local farmer, but it has recently become a highlight of any visit to the Falklands. With a vast variety of wildlife and scenic views, the island is a naturalist’s dream. The wildlife found here includes black-crowned night herons, seals and different species of penguin that include the famous rock-hopper. It also features a small grocery shop where you can try the finest local cuisine from around the islands.


As the capital of the Falkland Islands, Stanley holds a lot of the territory’s history. This town is home to over 3,000 people and is the ideal place to find a souvenir. There are many highlights of the capital that gives travellers a communal atmosphere on arrival. The Falkland Islands Museum contains many artefacts and includes all the information needed on the 1982 conflict. The Government House was built in 1845 and is used as a parliament building. This historic building has also hosted Sir Ernest Shackleton on his famous expedition around Antarctica.


The main attraction for anyone coming to the islands is the abundance of wildlife. Wildlife lovers and photographers can search the islands to find the best spots for a variety of species. The Falklands are also home to 16 endemic species and some of the largest albatross colonies on the planet. Elephant seals and South American fur seals also visit during the summer months. As much of the land is used for pasturing sheep, the wildlife has been virtually untouched, giving a sense of adventure and achievement once you have finished exploring. With a range of excursions available from different operators, you will also get the chance to discover the marine wildlife that can be found all around.

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