3 Things To Remember Before Travelling To The Arctic

With many different expedition operators offering unforgettable experiences in the Arctic region, it may seem hard to know where to start. But before you plan your perfect holiday, here are four things to remember when travelling to the Arctic Region.


Anyone Can Do It

When you hear stories of the Arctic, many travellers talk about how physically tough it can be. This can be the case if you are travelling without an experienced team to help you along the way. But there are a number of ways that you can explore the different regions without being really fit or an explorer. We offer excursions that include snowshoeing, kayaking, polar diving, rafting, ski-trekking, Zodiacs, hot air ballooning and helicopter tours to make your experience memorable. Polar expeditions are offer a more personal atmosphere among the guests and you will find yourself quickly making new friends and learning more about the region.

Pack Accordingly

Everybody knows that if you are travelling to either pole, you will need cold weather clothing. But there may be a few things that you might not have thought about when ticking the Arctic off your bucket list. With lots of wildlife around, you will need binoculars, but make sure that you buy a pair that are waterproof in case you experience an up-close encounter with wildlife on board your Zodiac. Rubber boots and hand warmers are also essential as many of your excursions will be out on the ice where the water could be as high as your ankles. You may also need sun cream and sunglasses when going on your polar exploration. In the summer months, it can be a real issue that many travellers will not expect. When the sun is at its highest, it will reflect off the ice or water and, even if you are cold, it may still cause sunburn. If you wear glasses normally or not at all, buying a pair of polarised glasses can really help to take the glare off of your eyes. This is essential when spotting out wildlife as you might lose the chance of seeing the highlight of the trip. In the summer months, it may be unbearable, so be sure to keep this in mind.

Be Sure Not To Overdress 

When planning your trip, you may feel that you will need to wear twice as much as you usually would wear. This is not always the case as the different destinations will vary in temperature depending on when you travel. Make sure to check with your guides about what the temperature will be like, as wearing too much can cause you to be uncomfortable throughout the day. A good way to prepare before your journey is to bring lots of layers and pick and choose depending on what the day holds.

If you are still looking to tick the Polar Regions off your bucket list then head over to our Arctic and Antarctica pages where you’ll find your perfect cruise. Be sure to call our team today on 0808 231 4814 to start your journey.

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