3 Things To Do In Ushuaia Before Your Antarctic Expedition Cruise

Before your adventure out onto your Antarctic cruise, you may have a chance to visit the world’s southern-most city, Ushuaia. This iconic city, from which Charles Darwin started his adventure, is known for its sheer beauty, an abundance of marine wildlife and the fact that it is the city at the end of the world. The former penal colony is the central hub for cruises to Antarctica and there is a wide array of activities for tourists to get stuck into.

Cruise along the Beagle channel

Named after the HMS Beagle that took Charles Darwin around the world in 1831, this 150 mile-long channel still remains one of the highlights of visiting this part of South America. With a thriving ecosystem below the surface, cruising the channel gives explorers the chance to see fin whales, humpback whales and Peale’s dolphins that migrate here during the different seasons. Make sure to visit the surrounding islands too, as they may give you a better chance of seeing wildlife. 

Cerro Castor Ski Resort

Only a 16-mile drive from the city of Ushuaia, Cerro Castor Ski Resort is famous for not only its skiing trails but also its picturesque views of the surrounding peaks. This resort contains over 26 different slopes that are perfect for all skiing levels and you may even see some professional teams practicing here. If you would prefer to adventure further afield, there are different off-the-beaten-path trails that will take you through the surrounding woodland. Otherwise, if you prefer to stay at the top of the mountains, there are restaurants where you can soak up the stunning views. 

Explore the City

Exploring the city can be a treat within itself, from beautiful scenic views to exquisite culinary delights. As this city is the centre of Antarctic cruising, you can expect to see many other tourists that have gathered here in wait for their departure. You will quickly find out that you are in Patagonia, the home of Argentina’s craft bears, as you enter a local pub and find yourself lost for choice. If you are looking for any souvenirs, head over to Almacen Ramos Generales, a general store that sells many different quirky historical items and tasty treats.

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