How Expedition Operators of Today are Protecting the Wildlife of Tomorrow
With the issue of climate change at the forefront of polar cruising, many leading expedition operators are looking to find new ways to become more self-sufficient.
Four Common Misconceptions Of The Polar Regions
As one of the most iconic regions for wilderness travel, the Arctic has one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet.
The Recovery Of Roald Amundsen’s Historic Ship
Known as one of the most remarkable polar explorers, Roald Amundsen has recently come back into the spotlight as his historic ship, Maud, has resurfaced after spending almost 100 years under the ice of Canada.
4 Reasons To Take An Amazon Adventure
As the largest rainforest on the planet, the Amazon is the perfect bucket-list destination and is home to so many fascinating sights.
Exploring North America with National Geographic Venture
With the latest addition to their fleet, Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic brings an exciting new way to explore the Californian coast.
3 Things To Do In Ushuaia Before Your Antarctic Expedition Cruise
Before your adventure out onto your Antarctic cruise, you may have a chance to visit the world’s southern-most city, Ushuaia. This iconic city, from which Charles Darwin started his adventure.
3 Things You’ll See On A Cruise To The Falklands
Included on many tour operator sailings around the Antarctica region, the Falkland Islands are usually the highlight of any itinerary.
Could You See A Woolly Mammoth On Your Next Arctic Adventure?
Now, we know what everybody is thinking. The idea that you will actually be able to see these magnificent creatures within their natural habitat may be a bit far-fetched, but due to recent research, scientists are looking into new ways to c…
Boaty McBoatface And The Thwaites Glacier
As we all know, climate change is becoming a growing issue around the world. With increasing temperatures across the Polar Regions, the melting glaciers are becoming a real issue for coastal towns and cities.
Exploring Alaska Just Got Easier With Norwegian Bliss
Norwegian Cruise Line is all set to launch the latest addition to their fleet, which makes cruising Alaska just that little bit more…blissful.
3 Things To Remember Before Travelling To The Arctic
With many different expedition operators offering unforgettable experiences in the Arctic region, it may seem hard to know where to start. But before you plan your perfect holiday, here are four things to remember when travelling to the Arc…
3 Jaw–Dropping Animals that you Could See on the Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos Islands are known for how remote and untouched they are by humans, making them one of the natural wonders of the world.
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Penguins
We all know penguins are the star attraction of a cruise to Antarctica, but how much do you know about these cute and cuddly birds?
Souvenir Shopping On Your Expedition Cruise
You will want to remember the time you travelled to the end of the world even more than a usual trip away, so a few souvenirs can be a great way to do this.
5 Things To Know About Going To The North Pole
Without a doubt, one of the most exciting adventure opportunities we can offer the chance to sail all the way to the North Pole. Here's what to expect.
Rare Discovery Of Running Water In Antarctica
Does the recent discovery of meltwater across Antartica mean that we need to re-think the impacts of climate change?
10 Fascinating Facts About Cape Horn
Known as one of the most treacherous sailing routes in the world, a journey around Cape Horn is something to be celebrated. And you can do it with us.
5 Things To Know About Food On An Expedition Cruise
If the thought of limited food options and basic meals is putting you off taking an Arctic or Antarctic expedition cruise, you needn’t be concerned.
3 Things You’ll See On A Cruise To South Georgia Island
The remote island of South Georgia is home to penguins, shipwrecks & Ernest Shackleton’s grave. It's definitely an interesting stop on the way to Antarctica.
3 Ridiculously Cool Polar Vaults Safeguarding Our Future
With the doomsday clock moving to just 2 & a half minutes from midnight, these storage facilities have been set up in the polar regions to safeguard our future.
You Don’t Have To Go To Extremes To Enjoy A Polar Cruise
An expedition cruise doesn’t have to take you all the way to the North Pole or Antarctica. Here are some other fantastic locations you might want to consider.
3 Ways New Expedition Ships Are Protecting The Environment
As eight new ships are scheduled for 2019, we look at how the operators aim to address the increase in ships heading into polar waters.
World’s First Polar Museum Opens In France
Until recently, there wasn’t a museum entirely dedicated to the Arctic and Antarctic regions, but a new exhibition has opened in France to change this.
Activities Ahoy! Basecamp Cruises In Antarctica
On a Basecamp cruise with Oceanwide Expeditions, there will be no need to make hard choices as there will be activities galore included in the price.
3 Things That Were Once Thought To Be At The North Pole
There was a time when maps showed outlandish things like pygmies and magnetic rocks where the North Pole should be, but why?
Could We Refreeze The Arctic Manually?
A team from Arizona State University have suggested refreezing Arctic sea ice, but is this really a viable way of protecting this delicate environment?
Could We Really Lose The Northern Lights From Our Skies?
British scientists have recently announced that the Northern Lights may soon disappear from our skies. So, could sightings really become a thing of the past?
Birdwatching In The Arctic
Destinations such as Greenland, Iceland and Norway are perfect for anyone who wants see wildlife of the feathery kind during their expedition cruise.
Technology To Aid Your Polar Expedition
Obviously, you’ll want to experience your surroundings naturally, but technology can also help enhance your time in Antarctica or the Artic.
4 Innovative Ways Scientists Are Gathering Polar Research
The Polar Regions can tell us so much about the world we live in. Here are a few innovative research techniques being used.
3 Things You’ll See In The Lofoten Islands
Norway’s Lofoten Islands are some of the most beautiful destinations you can visit on our Arctic expedition cruises. Here are a few things you’re likely to see.
Enjoy A Sami Experience Before Your Hurtigruten Expedition
One of the most enriching things about the Arctic is the wide range of native communities that live there. Here's a chance to learn about the Sami people.
Giant Chasm Forces Relocation Of Antarctic Research Station
A three-year plan is currently in operation to move the British Antarctic Survey research station after a large chasm began opening up at a faster rate.
3 Things You’ll See On A Cruise To Spitsbergen
Spitsbergen is often said to be the perfect destination for your first polar expedition, but what can you expect from a trip around this fascinating island?
Oceanwide Adds Third Ship For 2019
Oceanwide Expeditions have started construction on what will be the third expedition ship to join their ranks, due to enter service in early 2019.
The Countries Of The Arctic And What They Can Offer
Unlike Antarctica, the Arctic is not one big land mass. Instead, there are eight different countries, each of which providing a different experience.
The BBC Inspires Polar Travel With Two Fantastic Nature Shows
If you saw Arctic Live and Planet Earth II, you may be undecided as to which you want to visit first. Luckily, we have cruises to both!
Ross Sea Protection Creates Largest Marine Reserve In The World
Last week, it was announced that 598,000 square miles of the Ross Sea will be placed under protection from December the 1st 2017.
Try Something New On Your Polar Cruise
Here are four activities you can experience for the first time during a cruise to Antarctica or the Arctic.
Meet The Unlikely Data Collectors Of The Antarctic
It's near impossible for a human being to dive the depths of Antarctic waters. So the question is, what do scientists do? Step up the Weddell Seal!
Second Franklin Ship Wreck Could Rewrite History
Two years and a day after since the discovery of HMS Erebus, Franklin's second ship, HMS Terror, is believed to have been found.
Inuit Customs And Traditions Throughout History
The Inuit people have many customs that are rooted in their history. Whilst some are no longer commonplace, many of them are still present in one form or another.
5 Feats Achieved On All Seven Continents
Last year we told you about Metallica becoming the first band to play a gig on all seven continents, but what else have people managed to achieve?
5 Things Expeditions Ships Have That Others Don’t
Polar expedition ships are unique in more ways than one. Here are five things that you won’t find on a standard ocean cruise vessel.
5 Facts About The Northwest Passage
This watery highway didn’t just appear, it was the subject of much speculation and endeavour before it was finally transited. Here are five facts about the Northwest Passage.
Birdwatching In Antarctica
Hurtigruten has recently announced an Antarctic itinerary that could be perfect for birdwatchers, but what can you expect to see?
New VR Experience Will Inspire You To Visit Antarctica
Thanks to the latest VR technology, there’s now an opportunity to immerse yourself in the white world of Antarctica without actually being there.
Poles Apart: The Arctic vs The Antarctic
The North and South Pole, they’re the same thing right? If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re wrong.
3 Things To Do In Punta Arenas Before Your Antarctic Expedition Cruise
The city of Punta Arenas offers a port and an airport for those heading off on a trip to the seventh continent, but what is there to do before you climb aboard your ship?
Hurtigruten Celebrate New Ship With Free Flights
To celebrate their first ship christening in 10 years, Hurtigruten is offering free flights on selected polar cruises throughout 2017.
Do The Northern Lights Really Make A Noise?
Many have put claims that the Northern Lights make a noise down to folklore, but could it be more of a scientific fact?
Three Signs Of Climate Change In The Polar Regions
Climate change continues to be a hot topic and there are some worrying signs that climate change is already altering the extreme north and south of our planet.
Three Things To Do In Reykjavik Before Your Expedition Cruise
If your polar cruise is departing from the Icelandic capital, here are a few things to keep you busy before you step on board.
Scientists Confirm Asteroid That Wiped Out Dinosaurs Also Affected Antarctic Ecosystem
Recent fossil findings show that the asteroid which spelt the end for dinosaurs also wiped out over half the Antarctic ecosystem.
Pizzly Bears and 5 More Hybrid Animals
Pizzly or grolar bears have been spotted in increasing numbers as polar and grizzly bears come into contact with each other more often. Here are some more examples of hybrids.
5 Things To Know About Kayaking On Your Expedition Cruise
Kayaking is one of the best ways to explore the polar regions, but here are some things you should know before you sign up.
5 Polar Waters Named After The Explorers Who Sailed Them
These straits, seas and passages are all named after the brave explorers who were the first to discover them.
Star Wars Filming Locations In The Arctic Circle
To celebrate Star Wars Day, we take a look at some of the Arctic locations used when filming the movies.
Growing Adventure Tourism Sector Leads To New Expedition Ships For Hurtigruten
Just weeks after news emerged that they are working on battery-powered cruise ships, Hurtigruten has announced the development of state-of-the-art new explorer vessels.
Quark Looking To Make 2017 The Greatest Arctic Season Of All Time
Quark Expeditions are aiming for the best Arctic season ever with the launch of new itineraries and an upgraded ship.
Battery Powered Expeditions Could Be The Future
Could battery-powered cruise ships really be just around the corner? Find out which cruise line is already working to make this a reality.
Where To Go Whale Watching In The Polar Regions
These are the best places within the polar regions to go whale watching. You will be able to spot minke, fin, humpback and even blue whales.
4 Realistic Alternatives To Boaty McBoatface
As Boaty McBoatface leads a poll to decide the name of Britain's next polar research ship, we look at a few more likely options.
You’ll Love An Expedition Cruise If…
Whilst an expedition cruise isn't for everyone, there are quite a few people that would fall in love with our spectacular itineraries.
Bridging The Gap Between Expedition And Traditional Cruising
If you are unsure whether a full-on polar cruise is for you, why not try one of these options to bridge the gap between traditional and expedition cruising.
Why Small Ships Are Perfect For Expedition Cruises
As Lindblad Expeditions announce two new smaller ships, we look at the reasons why vessels of this size are perfect for expedition cruising.
Quark Expeditions’ Special Guest Is Out Of This World
Quark Expeditions is giving guests the chance to meet Colonel Chris Hadfield on board a special Canadian Arctic cruise.
5 Things That Make Polar Cruises So Appealing
Although not for everyone, there is a certain appeal about a polar cruise that can't be denied.
World Heritage Sites Of The Arctic
UNESCO have been preserving important historical sites for decades now. Here are some World Heritage listed places that are found in the Arctic.
UK Treated To Natural Polar Phenomenon
Activity in the lower stratosphere has caused rare sightings of a natural phenomenon over the UK during the last few days.
Weird And Wonderful Dishes To Try In The Arctic
Arctic cuisine is not as widely known as the food from places such as the Mediterranean and Asia, so these national dishes may come as a surprise.
The Epic Antarctic Journey Of Ernest Shackleton
As a collection of Royal Mail stamps is launched to celebrate its centenary, we look closer at Ernest Shackelton's heroic Antarctic expedition.
In Search of the Northern Lights
The Northern Lights are an illusive phenomenon, but you can raise your chances of a sighting by taking advantage of Hurtigruten's Northern Lights Promise.
The Coolest Gig On Earth
In 2013, Metallica became the first performers to play on all seven continents. Here's the story of how the coolest gig on Earth took place.
Captain Scott And His Doomed Mission To The South Pole
Born into a seafaring family, Robert Falcon Scott was an explorer who would risk his life in a bid to become the first man ever to reach the South Pole.
Ushuaia – The City at the End of the World
Ushuaia is the starting point for many of our polar cruises, but how much do you know about this intriguing city?
Why Physical Fitness Shouldn’t Stop You From Embarking On A Polar Cruise
If you think your lack of fitness is holding you back from exploring the Polar Regions, here's why it shouldn't.
3 Things You’ll Notice When Camping On Antarctica
Camping on Antarctica is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime activity. Here's what this amazing experience will entail.
Get A Feel For The Falklands With Lindblad’s Circumnavigation
As Lindblad Expeditions announce their first Falklands circumnavigation, we tell you what you can expect from the itinerary.
NASA Report Points To An Increase In Antarctic Ice
The climate change debate rages on as NASA releases a report that shows the ice in Antarctica is actually increasing on the whole.
Discovering The Dreaded Drake Passage
The Drake Passage is sure to be an eventful part of your Antarctic cruise. But will you experience the 'Drake Lake' or the 'Drake Shake'.
Saving Earth’s White Wildernesses
In order to preserve the Polar Regions, we only work with operators who care as much about these delicate environments as we do.
UK To Build Advanced Polar Research Ship
The UK has won the right to build a £200-million polar research vessel, after a bid was accepted ahead of those from Spain, Norway, South Korea and Singapore.
10 Things You Never Knew About Antarctica
There are many things we still don't know about the vast wilderness that is Antarctica, but here are some things that we do.
The Mystery Of The Polar Night
During the winter months in the Polar Regions a phenomenon known as the Polar Night occurs. But what exactly happens during this period?
Exploring the Antarctic: Then and Now
An Antarctic expedition with us is a far cry from what it would have been like for Robert Falcon Scott and the other historic explorers. Here are some key differences.
Viral Photo Brings Climate Change To The Fore Again
A recent photo of a malnourished polar bear taken in Svalbard has again sparked concern about climate change in the Polar Regions.
Three Ways In Which Expedition Leaders Will Enhance Your Polar Cruise
Expedition leaders are an important part of any polar cruise. Here are just a few ways in which they will impact your trip.
The Indigenous People Of The Arctic
All across the Arctic, indigenous people live in thriving communities. You may well get the chance to interact with some of them on your Arctic cruise.
Hurtigruten Launches New Responsible Tourism Initiative
Hurtigruten have announced a new responsible tourism initiative that aims to get their passengers involved in preserving the Polar Regions.
What Is The Antarctic Treaty?
The Antarctic Treaty is something that you’ve probably heard of, but how much do you really know about it?
Extinct Animals That Once Roamed The Polar Plains
Polar bears, whales and penguins are a big part of polar cruises today, but which animals ruled these regions throughout history?
4 Reasons To Visit The Canadian Arctic
The beautiful Canadian Arctic Archipelago is the perfect destination for an expedition cruise. Here are just a few reasons why.
The Endangered Species Of The Polar Regions
As man-made and natural environmental factors continue to impact on our climate, it's a sad fact that certain polar creatures are suffering as a consequence.
Quick Tips For Excellent Expedition Photos
These tips will help you capture those picture perfect memories during your expedition cruise.
Hurtigruten Transfers MS Midnatsol To Antarctica
Hurtigruten has transferred MS Midnatsol to Antarctica for the winter of 2016 and added a new ship for cruises along Norway's coastline.
The Best Accessories For Your Polar Cruise
From gloves to gadgets, here are some of the best accessories that you can bring with you on your expedition cruise.
Polar Bears Are Transparent And Other Arctic Wildlife Facts
Here are some interesting facts about the animals that roam the wilds of the Arctic. You can see these for yourself on our wildlife watching cruises.
Increasing The Comfort Of Your Expedition Cruise
Many people think that you have to rough it on an expedition cruise, but that's not the case. There are also many ways you can enjoy a touch of luxury.
Rapid Melting Of Antarctic Ice Highlights Growing Impacts Of Global Warming
The full impact of global warming is still something that is hotly debated, but new research has shown that Antarctic glaciers are now melting at a faster rate.
5 Historic Polar Vessels
There are many brave explorers who have helped to discover the Polar Regions, but they would be nothing without their trusty expedition vessels.
Where Can I Experience The Midnight Sun?
We explain what the Midnight Sun is and tell you when and where you can experience it on our expedition cruises.
Seeing The Polar Regions From Land, Sea And Air
When you embark on a polar expedition, you'll get three distinct perspectives of these beautiful destinations. Here are the various ways you can explore.
Two Incredible News Stories That Are Poles Apart
Man's fascination with the Polar Regions means we are always intrigued by what goes on there. Here are two incredible news stories that demonstrate this.
An Impressive List Of Polar Firsts (Part Two)
In part two of our list of polar firsts, we meet the first dog to set foot on Antarctica and the first man to pilot a plane over both poles.
An Impressive List Of Polar Firsts (Part One)
Historically, humans have demonstrated their endurance as they aim to become the first to achieve something. Here's part one of our look at some polar firsts.
Linger Longer In These Polar Capitals
Many of our expeditions start in a major city, but it's usually only a fleeting visit. Why not add a few extra nights in these fantastic locations?
Your Chance To Circumnavigate The Arctic
The icebreaker ship, Kapitan Khlebnikov, will re-join Quark Expeditions’ fleet in 2016, offering the chance to embark on an epic 75-day Arctic circumnavigation.
3 Things You’ll See On Our Alaska Expeditions
We've recently added expeditions to Alaska to the site. Here are three major highlights of a cruise in this part of the world.
5 Incredible Ice Facts
Ice is all around you in the polar regions, but here are a few fascinating facts about the frozen substance.
Where Can I See The Northern Lights?
The Northern Lights are nature's most exciting phenomenon. Here are the places in which you can see them and the optimum conditions needed.
3 Antarctic Archipelagos
The end goal of any Antarctic expedition cruise is the Peninsula itself, but these three archipelagos provide excellent stop-off destinations along the way.
Three Decades Of Chinese Expeditions In The Antarctic
China recently celebrated 30 years of Antarctic expeditions. We look back at how things have developed for them over the last 3 decades.
An Exhilarating Land-Based Arctic Adventure
As well as the expedition cruises that we have available, we can also offer the Arctic Watch Lodge land program. Here's what you can expect from this trip.
TV Shows That Inspire Arctic Travel
Humans have always been captivated by the wonders of the Arctic. Here are three TV shows which increase our intrigue even more and inspire us to visit.
3 Unmissable Experiences When Travelling To Iceland
There are many things to see and do when in iceland but these three experiences are simply unmissable.
The Most Extreme Restoration Project In The World
After 10 years of restoration work, three historical huts on Antarctica have been restored and protected against the elements.
The Best Time To Take A Polar Cruise
Our polar cruises allow you to see some amazing sights in earth’s most extreme landscapes. Here are the best times to travel depending on what you want to see.
Working In An Uninhabitable Wilderness
Only a small amount of tourists get to visit Antarctica every year, but smaller still is the number of people that work there. We take a look at the kind of jobs they do.
The A To Z Of A Polar Cruise
Here is everything you need to know about our polar cruises, in alphabetical order.
Our Polar Cruises In Comparison To A Polar Exploration
We compare the relative luxury of our polar cruises to the hardships real polar explorers have to face when taking on feats of endurance.
4 Things To Look Out For During Your Greenland Expedition
Greenland is a popular destination for Arctic cruises thanks to a number of excellent experiences that it offers. Here are four things to look out for.
Which Expedition Operator Should I Sail With?
Finding it hard to decide which expedition operator you should choose? Here's our handy guide which may help you make up your mind.
British Library Exhibition Highlights The Lure Of The Arctic
A new temporary exhibition at the British Library highlights the beauty and danger of the Arctic. Learn about John Franklin's fabled polar expedition as well as many other stories pertaining to the Northwest Passage and the Arctic.
Your Chance To Take On A Remarkable Polar Feat
Jim McNeill needs you! Find out how you can take part in a quest to become the first group to ever reach the North Pole of Inaccessibility.
5 Differences Between The Arctic And Antarctic
Although both the Arctic and Antarctic are covered in snow, there are some important differences between these two polar regions.
How You Can Help Preserve The Polar Regions
Global warming is drastically affecting the Arctic habitat and wildlife. Here are a few simple things you can do to help protect the Polar Regions.
Where Can I See Polar Bears In The Wild?
The chance to see polar bears in their natural habitat is one of the main reasons people choose to take an Arctic expedition. Here are 3 places where sightings occur most.
The Falklands: Looking Beyond The Conflict
The Falklands are often in the news for unwanted reasons, but Fred.\ offers you the chance to explore what they are really like.
Four Expeditions That Shaped The Modern World
Expeditions have not always been about sightseeing, here are some important journeys that helped to shape the world we now live in.
Expedition Options For Budget Conscience Explorers
Polar cruises may not be the most inexpensive holiday option, but these are great for those looking to spend what they normally would on a standard ocean cruise.
Pursuing The Penguins
Wildlife lovers will delight in the chance to track down large penguin colonies across Antarctica. A selection of our expedition cruises will enable you to spot members of the various species mentioned here.
Why Solo Expeditions Are Extremely Rewarding
Our solo expeditions offer a great way to explore the Polar Regions. Here's why they can be just as rewarding as travelling with a companion.
Beautiful And Untamed Norway
The different regions of mainland Norway and its overseas territories can vary between areas of outstanding natural beauty and wild, untamed landscapes that are ripe for exploration. Here is a look at some which fall into these two differen…
A 170 Year Old Mystery Starts To Unravel
As one of Sir John Franklin's lost ships has recently been recovered off the coast of Canada, we take a look at a few other mysteries relating to the Polar Regions.
Safety First In The Polar Regions
All of the expedition operators that we work with put safety first when taking people to the Polar Regions. Here are some of the state-of-the-art safety features they have on their ships.
The Myths And Legends Of Iceland
Iceland is the land of fire and ice but it is also a place where mythology and folklore come to life. Here are some fascinating tales that help to explain the landscape of this beautiful country.
When Is The North Pole Not A North Pole?
There is more than one North Pole out there, but what is the difference between them all?
What To Bring With You On Your Polar Expedition
Having not been on an expedition cruise before, many people may be unsure as to what to pack before embarking on their trip. Here are a few things you shouldn't leave home without.
Nature At Its Most Impressive In The Polar Regions
Nature impacts our lives almost daily and has two clear sides to its personality. However, whether it is demonstrating its beauty or power; there is no mistaking the fact that it makes us take notice. Here are some amazing natural sights yo…
The ‘Freezing Five’ Of The Polar Regions
The 'Freezing Five' are must-see animals for anyone travelling to the Polar Regions. Take a look at our list complete with the best places to see these beautiful creatures in the wild.
The ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Experiences That Our Polar Expeditions Can Offer
The phrase 'once in a lifetime' is used all over the travel industry, but how often does the thing it is describing warrant the use of this phrase? Here are a few experiences that we feel really do deserved to be classified in this way.
The 5 Best Reasons To Take An Expedition Cruise
Our polar cruises are a world away from a traditional cruise. Read the reasons why people choose expeditions and see if it is something you like the sound of.
Welcome To The World Of Expedition Travel
Welcome to the world of expeditions; Fred.\'s brand new site dedicated to creating the adventure of a lifetime and bringing the polar regions closer to home.